Any referrals?
What are the satges of electrolysis, and how long does it take?

After the the permanent hiar removal treatments are complete, does that mean that hair will never ever grow back again?

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A treated follicle will NEVER regrow a hair. IF IT IS NOT DONE CORRECTLY IT CAN GROW BACK. THE MAIN PROBLEM IS…patients do not know the biology of hair growth and when they see a hair in the SAME VICINITY they BELIEVE it is the same hair. IF they were fully informed about the biology of hair growth they would understand. It is highly possible for a single follicle to grow 3 hairs but they are not synchronized, therefore, the patient thinks it is a treated hair regrowing. Patients commonly see 2 hairs growing out of one follicle (most often on the abdomen and breasts). One is a darker longer hair and the other is finer and lighter in color. This follicle has to be treated 2 times …once for each hair.

Humans have the same number of follicles on their body as a GORILLA, but they are not all growing at the same time. Some people (like orientals) have the same follicles but very few ever grow hair. IF they were given hormones, have a medical condition that makes more male hormones, or take certain food supplements they can grow the same hair as any other hairy person.

Anyone have a recommendations in the West Palm BEach area?

May I suggest that you click to the site:
ElectrolysisInformation.com and it will give you guidelines on how to find a good electrologist in your area.

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