Flash settings for upper lip treatment Apilus JR.

I am an amateur electrologist who has apprenticed under a pro. I feel confident in my abilities as I have worked on myself a lot and I have helped several friends and family members with their hair issues. I use an Apilus Junior.

I am transgender and I have had a really good experience with my facial hair removal. All the treatments I have had were done with Apilus machines and an Instantron Spectrum. I have barely any facial hair at this time. No more than a biological girl.

My partner though has not had good results with her electrologist and has complained of a lot plucking happening. After having multiple full clearings of her upper lip and cheeks it has grown back. Her electrologist uses an Apilus Senior and from what my partner has described she is using flash. So last night I worked on her. I used Sterex no 3 and 4 insulated probes. I began with the automated settings on my machine set and tested and adjusted until I found my working point which was .12 and 98%. I did get the occasional bacon sizzle sound. It seems to happen every time I do a treatment. Most of the hairs released with one pulse but some others took 2 pulses. I am able to move along with an insertion every second or so. I treat 4-5 hairs then go back and remove them.

I continuously monitor the skin and make sure that there are no negative reactions. I cleared her upper lip and she told me that she rarely felt the insertion and did not feel the hair removal. She said that during her prior treatments it felt as if everything was being plucked.

She had redness and swelling last night afterwards and told me that she was still swollen this morning. This has been my experience as well after treatments. Though It varies from one practitioner to another. Anyhow after this long tangent I would like to know how do you best find the balance between just enough energy to get the hair to release without causing any excess trauma to the skin?

hi Imtastingstars!

I’m also a DIY’er ( with some leanings towards going pro) and also transgendered.

I’ve found the blend settings for my Apilus ( a SM500) a little weak, but I’ve actually found the flash thermolysis settings to be quite robust in their removal ability for hair.In general, if it fails to destroy the root with the factory settings on one blast then I either am not set up properly for the thickness of hair ( using a medium setting when a course or extra-course would be more applicable) or, I have not inserted correctly. Generally the latter if I’m working on myself, some angles just dont work well for thermolysis and for those hairs blend can be safer for me.I havent had to particularly increase the energy more than the factory settings when I do use flash they are generally strong enough.