flash, microflash and picoflash terms

I have been getting electrolysis done for some time now but I’m about to switch places due to relocation. The new place I’m considering is using an Apilus Junior Plus machine and from reading the Apilus website it has the flash mode which I have read on this board is faster and more comfortable compared to regular thermolysis.
Now my question is what is the difference between regular thermolysis, flash, microflash and picoflash?
I read on the Apilus website that the Junior Plus has the flash mode while the Senior II machine has the microflash mode but they are both working at the same frequency which is 13.56MHz so how come one is flash and the other is microflash if they both have the same clocking speed?


click search:
type “picoflash”
hit enter/return key

there has been PLENTY of discussion of that subject.