Flash lamp uneffective - or technician?

After a treatment of flashlamp, I see that only shaving was accomplished when the face was shaved prior to treatment. The hair continued growing and was growing out on the very next day. After a week she repeated treatment under the chin (it grows faster than sides) and she said that it supposed to be like this. She said to come every two weeks instead of every month now.

Does it make any sense, or she’s just incompetent?

Hi YB!

FlashLamp doesn’t work on me. I spent $3,000 on Flashlamp(Epilight) and the results… Ups!!! Sorry, I got no result.

Go for laser…Alexandrite or Diode. I got a test patch on my chest with both lasers and after almost 4 weeks the results are amazing. I know that it is to soon to said that laser is the choice. But the short term results are far better than IPL systems.

Get a test patch with laser first and wait like 2 moths to see the possible results. Dont spend your money.

See those Posts from RJC2001…

Webman is right-- IPL/flash lamp has pretty mixed results, even in capable hands. Try and alexandrite or diode with someone who has LOTs of experience for the best chance of permanent reduction.