Fischer SE-2

I bought a Fischer SE 2 off the ‘bay. Can’t seem to get either modalities to work but it does power on. Anyone have any experience with these.

I dont. Fisher are well respected machines. If the seller listed it as “Vintage and not intended for use” like the one I saw on a ebay reference, well, I’ll just say that is ebay-speak for “It’s broken and I’m trying not to tell you that at which point I’d have to lie”
Sorry, I think you got burned.
This is where I saw this reference: VINTAGE R. A. FISCHER SOLID STATE EPILATOR SE-2 / 1981 | #149779898

Mhm. Not the same listing but close to it… it can’t be to hard right? Source a couple of hard to find parts and replace them. Oh not to mention the fact that no one makes a dual pedal for them anymore… darn.

If you’ve got some electrical experience let me know. I’m good with a soldering iron but that’s about it

I think you’d want an electronics shop, or possibly a ham radio operator to look it over.