Fischer CB-X

I think I read somewhere here from one of you electrolysis gurus that this machine is now too old to be worth anything but there is one on eBay right now that is listed for $2250 Is said to be new, original owner and essentially unused. That seems like a lot of money for a “new” old machine. What do you think?

Someone is fishing . They can ask any amount they want, it wont sell at that price. It’s not worth anything like that in my opinion. I have often seen them on kijiji for a few hundred dollars at most in operable condition

Thanks, that’s what I thought.

Hi Seana, I’m a huge fan of yours. I followed you here from Reddit. I need to clear my beard in a big way and there are no electrologists for 150 miles. Laser isn’t going to cut it for me sadly with my blonde hair. My beard was reddish when I was younger, now at 53, if I grow it out it’s blonde to white and thick. I played a real beard Santa for the past 5 years. I shaved off my denial beard this year and started on HRT. I have been scouring eBay for months, just missed out on a couple Apilus auctions on eBay. If I can’t find a good deal on used equipment, I am contemplating buying a new Sterex Stereblend or a Uniprobe EP200, both capable of blend, but the Sterex is 2 and 1/2 times the price of the Uniprobe. I don’t think I want or need all the bells and whistles of some of the more sophisticated and pricey machines out there. And I worry that the “computerized” machines aren’t programmed to tackle a trans woman’s beard, so I think manual might be better anyway. I’m a Registered Nurse, by the way, so I have some concept of anatomy and physiology and hygiene and sterility, etc. I know DIY face in a mirror is difficult. I’m planning to start with my chest, love the breast development so far on HRT but hairy tits not so much. My wife, who is also an RN, has said she will help with my face if need be. Any sage advice would be greatly appreciated.

Where in the world are you located?

I recommend blend for self work, but a helpful spouse can work in any modality. I still recommend starting with blend for learning purposes, but if your wife is proficient at it moving up to strait thermolysis can short cut the process quite a bit.

You’re correct that many machines presets, are geared towards womens hair which does not require as much energy to destroy as your average mens beard hair.In my estimation, the power on most apilus is about half what is required. Simple solution if you havent learned to adjust the power levels is to use 2 pulses instead of one, thereby doubling the amount of heated lye produced and producing an effective treatment of the hair. With enough experimentation, you will get it right. I wouldnt stress myself over they brand of machine at all be it manual or computerized.Which is why I’m asking where in the world you are because i might be able to suggest a couple sources. I would not be so desperate that I jump on the most expensive option. Sterex machines are well recognized and have a descent reputation, but if you are in north america, there will be cheaper options. Primarily apilus, there is literally a glut of apilus machines for sale at any given point in time particularly in quebec, and if you are able to access this source ( can be difficult from other countries) you can do will with such a’s a couple examples:

The downside to these adds is you almost universally have to speak french, and be willing to take a chance on a person to person sale ( usually conducted in french) of a machine that you cant test beforehand.There is a little faith required.

I know exactly the hair type you are talking about, in fact one of my current cases is exactly this kind of hair. It might take us a while longer, but the hair is slowly dwindling away. You’ll get there with persistence and hard work

Thanks for the ray of sunshine! I adore that my story has inspired others. You can do it. I do find however that many have tried to replicate what I have done, and dont believe in themselves enough to see the process through.It can be a long time before you are seeing your first results, but keep plugging away and you will get there.


I’m behind the Redwood Curtain as they say here locally. I’m in true Northern California (not San Francisco) in Humboldt County in a little picturesque oceanside town. I was living in Vermont, ironically near the Quebec border. I consider my French rudimentary at best although I was surprised how much of those links I could read. Great prices on the links. But I’m leery of negotiating or otherwise dealing in a foreign language. There is a brand new Sterex on eBay across the pond in the UK that is about half the price of a new one here in the States, but I’d have use a step down transformer to get it to 120 volts and I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Ideally I’d like to spend $1000 (US) or less but I could spend a bit more for a really good deal on the right machine.

this one is localish to me:

So I’m getting increasingly tempted to try buying a machine from There is quite a selection and incredible prices. I looked at some of the English speaking Provinces and there was both fewer ads and higher prices. I might have to risk muddling through a bilingual exchange.

well the last two were from ottawa kijiji so technically ontario.

just convert a circuit to 220v everyone has 220v available.