Fischer CB-X on Ebay

There is a Fischer Compu-Blend CB-X on Ebay right now if any professionals are interested, auction ends Aug. 22nd 2013.

It is a good little work horse of an epilator.

Item was re-listed and ends Aug. 23rd. 2013

The item was re-listed as a permanent buy-it-now auction if anyone is interested, I will post here once it is no longer available.

Hi everyone… I’m new to this site, I purchased the Fisher CB-X yesterday from ebay… I’ve been looking for awhile for a system and was going to get one of those Aavexx from Avance, until I read all the WARNING posts… anyhow, I lost the bidding war for another CB-X that was going on, so I figured “ahhh… just go for it” and got the one that was relisted on ebay instead. I got the accessories and probes from the Fisher site and am waiting for all this to arrive so I can begin… meanwhile, I’ve been studying the Electrolysis,Thermolysis and the Blend by Arthur Hinkel and Richard Lind reading it from cover to cover as well as other books on the subject. Being a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician(for the last 21 years), I’m excited about this new venture in my practice … I just wanted to thank everyone at this site for helping us ‘lay folk’ understand more about this practice and steering us from the pitfalls out there… I look forward to learning more and more not only from practice, but from the wisdom shared on this site!

You are welcome.
Don’t forget to come back here and pay it forward.

People need your experience and journey to show them it is possible, and we need help answering questions.

I’m on here a lot lately, so I definitely will be here to help out answering whatever questions I can… the more I learn and experience, the more I can share…

That would be wonderful if you would share what you learn and experience. I too have purchased a machine through ebay and am currently waiting for it to ship, hopefully I will have no problems and have it in my possession soon. Hopefully we can all share our mistakes and our successes in order to achieve some good hair free results :slight_smile:

sounds good to me! by sharing our experiences, we can grow and become better at this practice, maybe even avoid some unnecessary pitfalls and share some time saving and more efficient ways of servicing our clients so they can get the most from their service as well as ourselves become better practitioners.

I see one of these for sale that is in great condition. Would a CB-X be a decent back-up machine for a new electrologist here in the year 2022. I realize this is an old post. How is your machine holding up?

While older machines have the potential to hold up, the main problem is they cannot be repaired. The only person (yes one person) left in the United States that can repair them is no longer doing so. Fischer (the original manufacturer) closed up shop years ago.

Good to know. Thank you so much!

Try to find an Instantron machine if you can (they can always be repaired regardless of age). They are built like a tank and tend to last forever.