first wax ... not too good

hi i just recently went to a “proffesional” place to get my stomach chest and back waxed… im 18 years old and well about 4 days after i got all that waxxed, i could already see black dots and new hairs growing in. im kind of depressed because now i feel like if a wax cant alteast temporarily remove it what will? but it seemed pacular at the same time because 1. the waxxing did not hurt that much, and the woman did not seem to put time and effort into it. 2. the lighting in the room was not good. and 3. well, it didnt seem like the best place to get a wax although recommended… i live in ct as you can tell by my username and im wondering if i should go to another place to get waxxed, how long should i wait to go to another place, or how long should i wait to just go back to the same place in case i had hairs bound to grow now anway(which i doubt) well… i hope someone could respond asap cause its summer and this dilemma just got me a little more bummed out

Everyone’s body is different so you can’t really say. It depends on how much hair and how fast your hair growth is.

With that said, my suggestion is to go somewhere else and see the results. If you’ve gone four days and you’re just seeing some regrowth - that’s really not bad.

I’ve been told the hair needs to be 1/4" to wax again and usually 4 weeks.

You may also want to ask the next person about what they would expect from hair growth and how long in between.

Hopefully, though, by reducing the hair - even though its temporary - has made you feel a little better.

One other question, did you have your arms done? I’ve been told that if you do your chest, stomach, and back you should consider doing the arms as well … you generally want it to look as natural as possible.

Best of luck.

thanks for the quick feedback… your right about a lot of things and maybe im just not made to be waxxed(i might try again sooner or later)… i mean i can get over it im not too bothered with my hair. yes i did have my arms waxxed although it was at home and messy, and now i have a few spots where it looks like my skin is irritated, and well bad decision… i hope you can help me with some more questions i have now, im wondering what does it take for my hair to just grow back normally like natural hair? not stubby or anything… i dont mind if it might be darker, or coarser, just as long as it looks normal. im thinking i might let my arm hair grow out alittle more and get one more wax so from there it can grow good again

Hi there,

I was reading your post and it caught my eye. FYI-The more you wax, shave or use any kind of hair removal methods, the thicker, darker and faster your hair will grow. Have you ever considered laser hair removal? I have had my full body done and i love the results!

You have to make the decision as to how much it bothers you. My only suggestion would be to have it professionally done. I wouldn’t do some of it at home and the other areas by a professional. Have it all done by a professional.
But if the hair doesn’t bother you, leave it.

I also completely disagree that it grows back thicker. Generally, it doesn’t make a bit of difference - and I don’t believe there’s any scientific evidence to support that waxing stimulates hair growth.

And, if you did your arms but didn’t do the other - then it would look weird.

I always felt it was best to be consistent.

You may want to try it again at a different place.

thank you a lot hairfreeincali for replying to me and how quick also… you gave me good information and help. yea i dont know why people say the hair grows back darker… my hair did not grow back darker, coarser or anything it looks the same as before. but i think i will go for the whole wax above the waist next time and ill look for more places in my area. ill probably go for another wax in about 2 weeks

I’ve been told by some - to also wax the armpits too, but I think that might be going over the top - although one esthetician suggested I do so.

It’s really a catch 22 - it’s almost as if you wax one area, then you should do others.

No matter how hard they try, I still find it uncomfortable for men to go and get it done…