First Visit Tomorrow.

Hello, i have my first appointment tomorrow morning with a CPE which is member of Georgia Electrologists Association. I am 22y. White Male that would like to remove my uni-brown and shape my eyebrows permanently.

1: The Electrologist has her office in a residential house where she lives, how common is for a professional?

2: I am medically prescribed to take 10mg of Adderal twice a day, Will the treatment be safe one this Stimulant?

Thank you for your time. Have a blessed day.

It is very common for electrologists to have home offices. It should be very clean and free of distractions (family members and pets). There should be running hot and cold water and bathroom facilities connected to the office itself or within a short distance, so hands can be washed. All standards of disinfection and sterilization should be followed, same as if ones office was in a commercial district.

Many of us work odd hours around the clock, sometimes seven days a week and holidays just to keep up with the demand, so having a home-based office keeps us sane as we serve all the the odd requests for appointments.

The medication you are taking is no problem at all.

Good luck to you! Sounds like you are in good hands.

I can speak from my own experience that electrolysis is great for undoing the unibrow effect.

Just my two cents, but have you considered electrolysis for just the unibrow (glabella) area, and having the actual eyebrows just trimmed? Your barber/stylist can do this for you when you go in for a haircut, typically no extra charge as it takes just a few seconds. For DIY eyebrow trimming, clippers and even some nose hair trimmers have special attachments just for eyebrows.

From prior threads on this forum, it seems that eyebrow hair tends to thin out on its own, as we age. So what looks like a great shaping in your early 20’s might have unintended effects decades later.

You won’t regret having the unibrow cleared now at your age, and you will be an ‘old pro’ at electrolysis when it is time for a little work on your ears, and maybe even your nostrils, when you hit your mid-40’s!!

All the best!