First Tx experience and time between treatments with ELOS?

I just had my first treatment on my neck. I suddenly can’t remember if they have the Galaxy or Aurora. I want to think its the Galaxy. It was quite painful in a few spots and about a day afterwards my neck had developed sort of a purplish hue to it and was rather sensitive. I had the same reaction with the Lightsheer test spots and they slowly faded and the hair fell out. The color on my neck is slowly fading, but it was very obvious the next day and I even had a some small blisters. It has been 6 days since my treatment and it actually seems like one side of my neck is already starting to shed. It seems a little early, but I swear there is less hair on the left side of my neck compared to the right.

Their recommendation is having the second treatment done at 4 weeks. I mentioned that I didn’t think I’d have regrowth by then, but the doc didn’t seem to think that was a problem. Four weeks and especially if with no apparent regrowth is too soon right?

I have been taking post treatment pics of my neck that I can post so you can see what I looked like afterwards if you’re interested.

yes, 4 weeks is too early, shedding won’t finish till 3-3.5 weeks. you won’t have anything to treat at 4 weeks. that’s just the time that the laser reps tell a doctor to recommend, followed by “you’ll make more money that way”. wait until new hair starts to show up before going in for your next treatment. that’s usually within 6-8 weeks after the treatment.