First try

Just tried the One Touch. The idea of sticking the tiny little probe into my skin where it already had a whole was fine. When I first saw how small and fragile the needles was, my thoughts were "This shouldn’t hurt too much, it’s not like it’s a thick needles (like getting a vaccine). But when I started to stick it in, my hand was shaking. It started to shake more when the beeping sound went on. I got 4 out on my leg. I don’t think I zapped the first 2 properly though. For the third hair, I saw my skin going white around the hair. I kept it in for the whole 15 sec. Now it’s hurting me.

This and Waxing: Its worst than waxing! The first time when I waxed my leg it didn’t hurt at all. But this hurt more than waxing my underarms. I might try again sometime, but that’s it for tonight.

Final thoughts: I guess the idea of doing my underarms and the area down under is totally gone. If I can’t do my legs (the least sensitive) I doubt I can do those more sensitive parts.

Don’t give up so quickly! In my experience, the arms and legs are the most sensitive parts when using the One Touch, with other areas you’d expect to hurt a lot more actually being less painful.

You should also experiment a bit with the settings, insertion time, etc. since they vary considerably between people, areas of the body, and even depending on what state your body is in (dehydrated, recently showered, etc).

It’s not a quick easy fix for unwanted hair, but its not nearly as bad as you first think…

The setting is at 0. I cannot imagine people turning the dial to 10.

I have to agree with Andrew… doing my legs hurt an awful lot but the other (more sensitive) areas didn’t hurt much at all. I would also say that doing fine hairs hurts more than doing coarse hairs (except for maybe the facial area).

Think it would be a good idea to apply Oralgel to numb the skin first before treating it?

try the setting at 0 which is the most I can handle.

i asked about numbing cream…i am still waiting for a reply too : ) good luck

Typically seeing white around the hair during treatment means you are doing some damage to the skin. Definitely use a low setting. I prefer settings that require about 45 to 60 seconds to fully treat (as determined by how easily the hair can be extracted) as you can see the actions (skin turning white, lye bubbling out, pain increasing) at more accurately and adjust the actual time of the treatment based on those actions.

For many hairs, doing treatments at very low settings will give very little pain and you would not need any numbing creams. Numbing the area would also reduce the feedback of pain that tells you if you may be over treating. Shallow rooted hairs will almost always hurt though, since the actual treatment is happening close to the skin surface where there are more nerves to trigger.

Make sure that the probe has actually gone down the follicle. With the spring loaded needle of the One Touch, it is sometimes deceiving because the tip may actually still be at the surface rather than inside the follicle.

See for more information.

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these things are made so cheaply that it may just be the unit that’s pumping out to much current. try turning dial to 1