First try not working out with the one touch


First, I am a newbie, and this is my first shot at waxing.

After reading the forum for a while, the sense I got was the the one touch system seemed like the best one to try for a beginner. I have some hair on my upper arm and back I want to remove using it…

I just followed the instructions to test it out on my arms. I had very poor results. Some of the hair came off, but I’d say it’s less than a third of what’s there.

I let the unit sit for 35 minutes, used talcum powder on the arm, tilted it for 10 seconds, and tried to roll it on, and some wax did seem to get on, and tried to go with the direction of the hair, as it instructed, then rubbed on the cloth over that and yanked quick.

It didn’t really lay down well, though, I think… and the other thing is the hair there seems to go in all different directions, depending on the hair. I tried the other arm, going up from the middle to the shoulder, and down from the other side, but all I got was matted hair really.

I don’t know… I’m ready to give in and just go with a professional, but I’d much rather learn how to do it myself… for, when, you know, I can’t go to a professional because of time or vacation or whatever. And, I’m sick of shaving them, it looks silly after a day or so.

Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? Should I go slow with it? How long to roll over 5 inches? Typical things first timers do wrong?

I don’t dare try it on my back now… at least the arms are in reach!


First, that’s the funniest screen name yet! :grin:

Personally, I usually go to a pro, although I have a friend who comes over sometimes and we do some on ourselves.

It takes practice and skill, which is why people can charge for it.

You might find it easier to practice on your legs or someplace where you have both hands free until you get the hang of it. Much of it is in the timing-- putting the wax on at the right temperature, getting the strip pressed down smoothly right when the wax is at the right consistency, pulling it off with the right speed, etc.

It takes time, and if you haven’t had a pro wax, I suggest going and carefully observing how they do it on you. This helped me a lot.


Hi –

I’m glad the name pleases. And, thanks for the advice. So, it’s a timing thing.

yeah, I’m also thinking trying it on my back and stuff is too extreme, how am I going to get my hands back there? I’ll try it on my legs and see if I can get the hang…

I also figure now I want it permanently removed, eventually, I was just wanted to try this… I’ve seen enough already! I think I’ll use up the wax I have, and if I can’t get the hang find a professional to either wax or zap them or whatever…

thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: