First Treatment


Today, I had my first about 30 minutes treatment on my chest and lower abdomen. She got rid of all of the chest hairs, but I notice one that is slightly hidden under my breast, so I can see why she missed it–I’ll just tell her next time I go. She started some work a little above my belly button and a few around and below my belly button–it’s not finished. I will see her in 4 weeks (a month) to get rid of it. I am not sure why she gave me an appointment for 4 weeks and not earlier…maybe she’s busy, but I don’t know because she gave me an appointment for a week after I called. Maybe she gives new patients priority…I don’t know.

I have what looks like mosquito-bites bumps. She used alcohol before and probably after or witch hazel and applied neosporin. She gave me an antibiotic to use for 2 days. I am not surprised to have some red bumps as I am really sensitive to waxing and any shock to the follicles.

The pain is not bad enough to keep me from going back. In fact, I wish I could rent the electrologyst for my house. I would not say that the pain is nothing. It did make me wince sometimes, but I don’t really care. It doesn’t scare me to go back or keep going.

After she was done, I asked her if she does breasts. She said she does, and that it wouldn’t hurt. I am not scared about pain at all. I am just uncomfortable showing my breasts, but after this treatment and reading other people’s experience some more, I will do it the next time I go because they are so few, and I don’t like them (obviously <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />).

It cost me 55 dollars for 30 minutes.

I also asked her about the bikini line, and she said that it can hurt. I don’t doubt that it won’t ha ha ha, but I don’t think it will stop me from going with the treatment. The only thing I am embarrassed about is that I have stretch marks between my thighs. They have not turned white like magazines, and the Internet information claims. It’s not true for everyone. It is lighter, but not white–it’s still red and depending on the days—sometimes it looks like it improved, but on another day it looks like it is pinker. She will work on the bikini line, but having two embarrassing thing around that area is just crazy for me. I hope someday to get rid of the stretch marks, but I still do not know what to do with it or how to ignore my embarrassment to eventually do the bikini line when I am almost done with the chest, abs, breasts which are top priority for me.

Do you think that she could schedule me an hour to get more done or do you think that I should go to her, but also go to someone else to do the bikini, so I get more done. Do you get what I mean? Why did she schedule for after 4 weeks? I have about half of mylower abdomen to be removed.

Does it have anything to do with how much you can place the body under follicle shocks?


Well, I read from her info that no more than 15 minutes should be done the first treatment. If all goes well, then up to 2 hours can be done at a time. So I guess this is for testing purpose since it is the first time, but she did 30 minutes, so maybe it also depends on the patient.

You should not be embarrassed about getting anything done. After all, you are working with a female practitioner.

Once your practitioner knows your skin, the work will only be limited by your mutual treatment stamina.

Okay. Thank you. All with patience.