First Treatment.....

I had my first treatment today and it was better then expected. I thought they were going to tell me I was a hairy beast and they couldn’t help me, but it was the exact opposite. My question is this, When do you start noticing hair growth after the first treatment? Did anyone notice hair growth days before their second session, I really like this hair free feeling! I felt very little pain and I know it was the best choice for me. When the person doing my hair said she had her whole body done using electrloysis on some places and laser on others I was totally at ease. JAMES…Would you happen to know how long it takes before noticing alot of hair growth in between the weekly sessions. I know I have to wait it out anyways but I was curious to know how it was for others. PLEASE Respond!!!


There are many more active hair follicles than hairs that you see in your treatment area. Some of these follicles have hair growing in them right now, but it’s not yet visible on the skin surface. Nothing can “get” these hairs right now. So, technically, you can see hairs tomorrow popping out. But these are not the same hairs that were treated today. These would have come out anyway.
If the hair is tweezed, it will take possibly 2-3 weeks to surface again. If it was treated with electrolysis, but the follicle wasn’t yet permanently destroyed, it would take 2-3 months to surface again. If it does, it would usually be lighter shallower hair, more susceptable to next treatment.

Good luck!