First Treatment with Diode LightSheer

Last Friday 4/11/03 I had my first treatment with the Diode Light Sheer Laser. Below are my results so far.

I have light olive toned skin with dark hair on my chin and neck area. I have a hormonal imbalance, which they think is causing the hair growth which started about 8 years ago. I have been taking Aldactone which helped the hair growth some but it was still very prevalent.

Pre Treatment
I went to two different places that specialize in both electrolysis and laser. (There are only a few in my area that do both) They both recommended I use the diode laser instead of electrolysis due to the amount of hair, time and expense. I did a lot of research on the different techniques and decided to go with the laser and chose one practitioner over the other. I felt more comfortable with her, she was more open with information, had more experience and also explained how we may need to do electrolysis after a few Laser treatments.

I opted not to have the Elma and it was painful but the treatment only lasted for 5 minute. I do not think I will get the Elma next time but if the treatment was any longer I would.

My reaction was very normal, my face was red for a few hours and I had little scabbing or marks on my face. I have been following the instructions of my practitioner by applying hydrocortisone cream and soon will start to wash my face gently with a buff puff. I have two more treatments scheduled eight weeks apart and so far am happy with the results.

Sounds like you found a good practitioner. That’s THE most important thing when getting laser hair removal treatments.


Hi!! I just had treatment 5 days ago and I was wondering if you have the hairs still coming through or are they all out? I am still “growing” out the hairs and it looks worse than regular stubble cause shaving doesn’t get it all and they are still firmly planted. :angry: Anyways, just wondering if you were having the same experience. Thanx

My hairs have started to come back. The first few days was great becasue there was no hair but they do appear to be falling out - SLOWLY. For me I can tell that the hair is shedding because I have a bit of dry skin where the hair was.

I was told to use a puff buff to help the hairs out but that irritates my skin so I only use that every few days. I have also been applying Eucerin cream and washing the area twice a day which all seems to help.

You are right that the hair is still visible but I have a bit less of it then when I started. I think we just have to be patient, it isn’t an overnight thing (wouldn’t that be nice). I am hoping for the best and am looking forward to my next treatment.

Good luck to you and let me know how things progress.

Thanx Julia:
Will do, and thanx for the pep talk :smile:


Hey Julia:
Just an update
It has now been 1 week and a day since the laser treatment. It appears that the hairs are now starting to fall out. :grin: When my face is really squeeky clean, I rub my slightly damp fingers over the hair in circular motions, some of the hair fell out. The buff puff seems to be too harsh for my skin and a wash cloth loosened them maybe, I think. Anyways, I now look forward to my next appointment too!!

I had my second treatment with the Diode Light Sheer Laser last week.

Since the first treatment my hair did shed and I had a 50% or more reduction in the amount of hair. The last two weeks before my second treatment the other hairs did grow back as expected.

The second treatment although shorter than the first seemed to hurt more. My face was a bit more irritated, but by the next day was no longer red. I have one more treatment scheduled and am very happy with the results. It really lifts your confidence when you aren’t worried about the hair. Even though I still have some it is not as noticeable and I am looking forward to the end results.

That is awesome Julia!! I am having my second treatment in a couple of weeks and I am progressing about the same as you. Thanks for the update!! It is incouraging!!

I had my third treatment with the Diode LightSheer Laser yesterday. This was by far the easiest of the three treatments. Since there was not as much hair the zapping didn’t last as long thus decreasing the pain. Also my face reacted very little. I was red for about an hour but my face had no noticeable marks as it did with the other treatments. About two hours after the treatment my face looked like it did a few days after first treatments.

This is my last scheduled treatment. If I do not have 80% reduction I receive a complementary treatment. However I have had over 75% reduction with the first two treatments so I hope to be over 80%. In 6-8 weeks I will assess the new hair growth and can go back for a touch up treatment at a reduced cost or a consultation about electrolysis if necessary.

I am so happy that I had these treatments. I no longer worry about people looking at my face or try to hide it with make up. It is such joy to have that lifted from your mind. I do not even think about “the hair” anymore and for me that is the best outcome.

this is very encouraging to hear. i have posted a new topic about my current situation and frustration (see so depressed :frowning: ). I have been struggling very much to cope with my outer appearence. i feel once that is to my liking, i will be able to have the self confidence to do things i would never do now. I am going to look into this Diode lightsheer treatment. i have had the epilight(i think that’s what it is called) and was extremely disappointed and very frustrated. any pointers on what to ask? thanks

Hi babyblue: To my knowledge the lasers do not work well on red hair because there isn’t a dark enough “target” :frowning: I could be wrong, I hope someone else can give you more encouraging info. If they do claim to work on redhair, then I would ask the practitioner to show you before and after photos of patients with your skin and hair colour that they have treated. Have you considered electrolysis? I think I will finish up with it for a few dark hairs I do not like in my sideburn area. If I had to do it all by electrolysis, I WOULD!!! Nothing can beat having self confidence. My only regret is not doing this years ago!! Whatever method is best for you-- DO IT!! Life is too short to be hiding yourself and missing out. The freedom is wonderful!!
Good Luck and Take Care :smile: