First Treatment with Candela at sk:n, UK

Hi All,

I just had my first full laser treatment!I went to the sk:n clinic in Southampton, UK. I know the machine was a Candela but unfortunately I dont know the settings - I did call to find out but they seemed very cagey about telling me, apparently ‘the customer doesnt really need to know’. I think I do considering how much im paying?! Anyway, I went along despite this as I’ve had it planned for months and I havnt booked in as a package, so I can stop at any time. I have skin type II, fair with very dark, coarse hair.

Despite not knowing the settings, what I can say is that it was toe curlingly painful at some points, I’m not sure if thats a good indicator but it certainly felt like it was doing the job! I had my underarms, brazilian and peri-anal area done.

All in all I felt they were very professional, although the customer service isnt brilliant - they seem to want to get you in and out quite fast. It took about half an hour and I payed £220 for that.

Looking at the areas now, a few hours later, they are quite red and raised but feel comfortable - theres also lots of pepper spots(?) in some areas so I need to get exfoliating. I’m not sure how much of a good job she did on the peri-anal area - not to give too much information but I thought she might need to ‘get in there’ slightly more than she did, but I had my knickers on the whole time just pulled aside. Is this usually adequate?

Anyway thats my review - your opinions would be appreciated!

give a couple of days before you start exfoliating :slight_smile:

You don’t need to exfoliate. You should wait 3 weeks for the hair to shed. It may not even start until 1.5 week mark.

It’s up to you what you wear during the treatment. You can wear a thong or nothing at all. They’ve seen everything.

You can look on the machine and see the settings yourself. I’m a firm believer in that the settings need to be disclosed if asked. It’s like going to a doctor and not being able to know what procedures they’re doing. You have the right to know whether they think you’ll understand or not.

If you want everything removed, then just pulling nicks aside wont do. You will need to take them off. If she is reluctant to do this then you have to ask why.

Not sure how you could do a brazilian and peri-anal area with them on though! Are there any bits left that you wanted removed?

It did feel as though she was quite thorough, she did do the inner lips but tbh, it hurt so much I wasnt totally aware of the exact areas she was doing.

Once ive started shedding, if there are any areas left I will make sure these are covered in the next treatment. I do feel like everything on the underside should be covered with a brazilian!

If more than 10-15% of the hair doesn’t shed in 3 weeks, you should ask for a free touchup.