First Treatment? Should i?

I have an apointment for the first treatment.
There is only one “Doctor” working there. He does it for 5 years now and says he treated thousands of people but he doesnt have pictures of before and after (only 2 pictures claiming that he does have a lot in home) but he also said that they can be manipulated and that this doesnt play a role.
Also when i have asked for the “Test patch” he said that there is no need and when the treatment starts we will see how my skin reacts. And he said that he “see” that my skin is not sensitive and that it should be ok.
Should I be suspicious?
He put some kind of camera in my face with which I have seen my skin from very close angle and seen the hair under my skin. Also he have explained the proccess but should i go for it? Or DO I MISS SOMETHING??

Hello NoFate.

Two things I would focus on:

Tell him before you commence treatment, you must insist that you see him open a sterile pre-packaged probe,in front of you, and insert it into the needleholder of the epilater before the proceedure is started. He should not be wiping a probe off with alcohol if he has used that probe on the person before you. Hold your ground on this one. By the way, does he wear gloves?

You requested a test patch, which is not an unreasonable request by any standard. Just because he says it’s not necessary should make no difference to you. It is something you desire as a consumer. It’s your money, your skin and he shouldn’t take offense at this simple request just because he has performed electrolysis on thousands of people over the last five years. If you have to pay for it, then do so. Go home and see how you heal for a week. If all is well, then make an appointment, keeping in mind that you should also check out a few other practioner’s to compare work and general proceedure habits.

An Apilus epilator is one of the very best kind of epilator’s in our business, so that’s good.
The vision equiment you described sounds like it might be very good, too.

You called him a “doctor”. What is his educational background in regard to performing electrolysis? Just curious.


Sounds strange to me, and I have been in full time paractice for 46 years September 1. Please read this site carefully before you have treatment: It should answer all your questions.

He also said there is no need in use of “opening pores cream” nor the after treatment things like putting ice or putting some Aloe-vera on the treated part.
DFAHEY: Ididnt looked at them but there are some “documents” hanging on the walls in the office.

I agree with him - you don’t need that “opening pore cream” stuff. Proper lighting, shading and magnification is all you need to identify a follicle opening.

Take your own ice and aloe vera as these products get the healing process off to a good start. Many of us are staunch in our treatment process and aftercare for our own reasons. You as a consumer must make the ultimate common sense decision as to what you want based on information you receive. Have you ever seen contradictory evidence that ice (cool compresses) or 100% aloe vera will harm any small wound on your skin? You will most likely heal fine without it, but why wouldn’t you use something that would enhance the healing process?

I can’t give an opinion as to if the documents on his wall prove what his qualifications are. Trusting as I am, I think he’s probably fine. Just ask him. You don’t say where you are from, but in states that are licensed, you can find your electrologist’s name under the board that grants the license. I think since we all have seen a ‘60 minutes’ or ‘Dateline’ episode where people inflate their identity and qualifications, we all take on a suspicious eye.

Just watch that needle thing and don’t forget to get other consultations.


And the last question: Does this means he needs to use every treatment a new needle from a box?
Or should I take this needle in a box and come with it to every treatment? :smile: I will probably get a treatment every week or so…

DFAHEY Thank you very much for your replies! You dont know how much does it means to me. Also thanks for this forum and the people which help others.
When I will “do it” I hope to be able to reply to some of the posts also.
Thanks again!

Always insist on a fresh new probe from a sealed package for every treatment.

Although some people will tell you that they will put your probe in your file and use on you next time, or give it to you to bring back for the next treatment, this is a little like going to a restaurant and being told to lick the spoon and fork clean, and we will put it in an envelope and you can use it the next time you come in without anyone washing it.

I would not use the same probe on myself two days in a row. You should not pay to have someone use unsterilized probes on you.

You should use aftercare products so that you can get your healing process down to the fastest completion time possible, and keep your skin safe from infections.

I understand that although one may have lots of before and after pics of clients, people in our business can’t actually show you any of them without permission of the people in the pictures. You should not hold it against him that he doesn’t have a big book of satisfied clients who are allowing others to see their hair before pics. I would however question anyone who doesn’t feel confident enough in their work to give a short sample treatment as a part of the consultation. If nothing else, it allows the electrologist to figure out what really is going on with your follicles instead of just going by eyeballing it, and making guesses. I have had some of my guesses disproved by actual treatment.

Don’t forget to post in the Referral Section when you do have settled on who will do your work for you.

Dear James:
“…it allows the electrologist to figure out what really is going on with your follicles…”

The follicles: will they be bigger only after the treatment or for long term?

Also I have bought “Alverde HYDRO INTENSIV-GEL ALOE VERA” for skin. Is it ok or can you advice something better?
I will write in the Referral Section.

James I do it in Europe - Germany, but as I see in the “Referral Section” most of the users are in US or Canada and it seems there are no questions about finding Electrologist in Germany.

People only think their follicles are bigger. They are simply empty, and we are not used to seeing them that way.

Although we have not had much paticipation from the Germans in our referral section, we are here for the long hall you know. If just one person from your area finds our little slice of cyber space, then all is well.

We really hope that everyone who gets good treatment posts information on who they went to, and how others can get in touch with these people.

At the moment we don’t even have the names of at least one electrologyst in every state and Provence in the US and Canada!

We really need more participation here. If nothing else, use of the referal section makes it easy for people to find electrologists without finding and reading four year old posts. If properly used, one would need only read the referral section to find the city and state of the refering poster and electrologists.

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Concerning the Alverde Hydro Intensive Gel Aloe Vera question, look at the ingredients listed on the bottle. If it says 100% Aloe Vera gel you’re good to go.


Thank you all very much!!!
I will post here the “what and how” after the first treatment - I have it in the next week.