First Treatment (questions)

I had my first treatment 2 days ago with the lightsheer diode EC on the bikini area. She used the automatic feature for the ms(I have fair skin so she said it would be better than 30 ms) option and used 36J. My question is kind of complicated so I hope it makes sense. I have had very little scabbing…kind of like when having flash electrolysis done…and very little redness too. I had to shave before the appointment and it was a very close shave. Well the appointment was at 10 in the morning and by that night I had stubble again and when I tug on them they are firmly implanted still, I thought that they are suppose to not grow through for 2 weeks and then start shedding. I thought that when you got laser done it chopped off the top and bottom part and what is between is the part that eventually peeks through after 2 weeks. I had emla on and did feel some of the treatment and did see singed hairs that already had come out but shouldn’t the hair not be coming through so quickly? :confused: I hope someone out there has some answers for me. Thanks.

Don’t worry - it takes awhile for the hairs to shed – more like 2-3 weeks (or more).

Don’t worry, I have found that the hair can still be growing several week’s after the laser was applied and still be very firmly atached then after 4 weeks still fall out.
Don’t force them if they won’t simply slide out as it takes time for the laser to work weeks more than days.This appears to be quite normal.


I was in the exact same situation as you. I also got my bikini done but with the Gentlelase though. I actually went back to the clinic to show them how the hairs would not come out. I began to think my hairs were too thick for laser. All the hairs will eventually fall out. My technician told me that the hairs sometimes are stuck to the sabeceous glands. As they grow you’ll be able to pull some of them off effortlessly and some will resist until thier ready to fall out on thier own.

Hope I helped:)

I’ve had 12 treatments on various areas with a diode laser, and from my experience, some hairs that are treated will actually not stop immediately. The laser can have a variable impact on hair follicles, and some may only be damaged - resulting in lighter, finer hair once the current hair comes out. That’s probably why lasers are rated for reduction instead of complete removal.

Thank you for all the feed back. It puts my mind at ease a bit. It’s now been 1.5 weeks and a good portion of the hairs have come out but there are still the areas that I was concerned about at first that are not falling out yet. If at 3 weeks it hasn’t changed i’ll go back and show her. Thanks again :smile:

What you are all describing seems to be more common with diode lasers like the Lightsheer. My practitioner said she has had heard the same thing from other patients treated with the Lightsheer. I have observed the same thing too with the Aurora.