First Treatment Next Week!!!

I have been reading up on electrolysis for several years now, and I have finally made my first appointment! I am a 27-year-old male with lots of really gross hair growing above my beardline! I also have pretty bad ear hair for a 20-something, but I figured I would start with my face. I figure since this hair is closer to my eyes, it’s probably more noticeable during conversations! It has gotten to the point where I hate looking in the mirror!

I found someone in my area who does flash thermolysis. Based on what I have read on this site, this is a very effective method as long as the technician knows what he or she is doing. The eloctrologist told me that since hair grows in a three-year cycle, it could take about this long for effective treatment. She told me that treatment intervals would spread out as I continue to have work done.

So, my questions…

  1. What should I be looking for to know if my electrologist is effective?

  2. What should it feel like?

  3. How can I prepare for my first appointment? (I.E., pre-treatment, post-treatment)

I have a consultation scheduled, but I didn’t really get into a lot of my questions on the phone with my electrologist because I figured she would tell me everything I need to know during the appointment.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

God bless!

If she tells you its three years, tell her otherwise. Hair growth cycles occur in three phases but it is hardly spread out over three years. You could be done in 9-12 months. Either it is a typo on your part, or blatant ignorance - or deception, who knows at this point - on the part of your electrologist. Someone employing flash thermolysis could (and should) be done in a much quicker time frame.

All the other questions are answered on these boards on other pages, or can be found @ or

Good luck.

Wow! Thanks for the quick reply. I’m pretty sure she said three years, but perhaps I am misqouting her. I will follow up after my first appointment next week.

i think i’ve read on here that they don’t do ear hair. but i guess your electrologist will tell you.

i’ve never heard anyone here talk about hair having a three-year cycle. some transgendered people on this board have talked about going for years to rid themselves of the full beard, but that’s because there’s so much hair.

as for what it should feel like: she will insert the probe, there will be a zap, and she will slide the hair out with a special type of tweezer. Make sure the hair is sliding out, not being tweezed out. If it feels like tweezing, it is tweezing and the treatment is having no effect. HOWEVER, especially in the beginning, many hairs will have a very large root bulb and you will feel a kind of pop as the large bulb squeezes out of the narrow pore. It’s a very subtle difference and hard to explain, but important to know. This is one reason the main rule around here is to try several electrologists. You’ll soon see the difference between them and what sensations seem “normal” and who is leaving your skin in good shape afterwards.

For post-treatment care, clean with witch hazel, apply tea tree oil and/or 100% aloe vera GEL to speed the healing.

Thanks for the great info, VespaSusie! As far as seeing multiple people, should I be doing this concurrenly? Or should I try a couple of treatments at one place before going to someone else?

By the way…The ear hair I want removed is on the outer lobe, which I have heard is possible to remove. I will have to find out!

Yeah, try a new person for each visit.

Any hair that is reachable with the probe, and visible to the electrologist’s eye can be removed. However, many electrologists don’t treat ear hairs, or nose hairs, because they may not be skilled enough to do it, and/or they may not trust the client to practice good aftercare.

If ear or nose hairs are not done correctly, really bad things can happen. If the client gives poor, or no after treatment care, infection WILL occur, and the electrologist doesn’t want to spend days on the phone, in person, or in court explaining how it was the client’s negligence that caused the problem.

Good Luck

So I took the advise given to me in an earlier post and contacted a second electrologist for a consultation. She told me that the hair needed to be long enough to grasp with tweezers. Does this sound like she is using tweezers to pluck the hair, or does this make zapping the hairs a little easier?

What she is saying is that after she treats the hair she only needs enough length to grasp the hair with the tweezers (or forceps) to remove the hair. It should slide out nicely. You should feel no sensation of plucking. There are occassions where you may feel some traction as the hair is being lifted out, but it shouldn’t be a common occurence.


I had my first treatment two days ago. It was not as painful as I expected, but I think I was preparing for the worst. The initial effect on my skin did not seem to be too bad. I would describe the look as resembling a mild sunburn. However, yesterday I noticed that there were little holes appearing on my face–they look something like pin pricks. Is this normal? Will they eventually go away?!? I am worried that they may be scars!

I’m also from Orange County. Who did you use as an electrologist?

unless you were looking in a magnifying mirror (put it away, and don’t look in it again) the only thing you would notice like that in a regular mirror a reasonable distance away would be a reaction between your sweat and the treatment area. With the heat we have been having, keeping sweat from putting salt in your wounds is impossible.

If you really had scarring, you would not have to ask about it.