First Treatment - GentleLase

Hi everyone,

I just had my first treatment with the GentleLase on my full legs and bikini (I had originally signed up with American Laser Center, but luckily, got out of it). I have another appointment in 7 weeks. I have fair skin (type II) and dark, coarse hair. I really hope I see good results, because my coarse hair has definitely been a hindrance.

Anyway, my practitioner used pretty high settings, though I’m not sure of the exact number. I thought it hurt pretty badly. Welts formed on my thighs, but they went away shortly after the treatment. Is that normal? Also, I didn’t really feel any pain after the treatment, but as the night wore on I definitely felt sore. Now my legs are very red, which I know is normal, but it is also a bit painful when I stand. My skin feels very tight - like it might burst! And there is a lot of blotchy redness, but I’m not so concerned about that. I just wondered if anyone else experienced welts during the procedure and pain walking/standing a day after the procedure?

Also, does anyone know anything about the possibility of causing premature aging with lasers?


redness around the follicles is expected for up to 2 days or so, but what you’re describing might be a little too much. can you find out what settings were used? it’s hard to judge without pictures of that info.

no, no reports or data on premature aging.

Thanks so much for your response, Lagirl. I will try to find out what settings she used.

I have another question, though. Has anyone experienced extreme itching after their sessions? I mean, days after. Three days after my treatment my legs started to itch. Tomorrow will be one week since my first treatment and I feel like the itching is only getting worse. Anyone else have this problem? If so, when does it go away and what suggestions do you have for treating it? Anti-itch cream? It’s getting so bad that it woke me from my sleep last night!


P.S. My skin is also very bumpy now from raised follicles, I think. Very unsightly, much worse than the bumps I get from shaving. Anyone else have that who can provide some hope that it will go away?

the good thing is that all that will go away. did you use a numbing cream?

you should use aloe vera for a few days after the treatment and yes, you can use anti-itch cream. it’s ok to itch a bit. your case sounds a bit more extreme that usual, possibly due to settings being pretty high for your first treatment when hair is most dense. redness around the follicles and raised follicles are a good sign, but 1 week later all these should subside. giving us settings and describing how coarse and dense the hair is would be helpful. within a week or so, most hair should fall out and you’d have smooth skin. if you try tugging on some hairs, they might slide out easily already or in the next few days.

redness around the follicles is expected for up to 2 days or so

I get redness around my follicles and general irratation from Gentlelase treatments for about 2-3 weeks. You guys are lucky.

Thanks for your responses, guys. I am hopeful that things will get back to normal in another week or two. Please!

I called my practitioner for info about the settings and to ask about my itching concerns. I’m sure she will get back to me this week.

To answer some of your questions, lagirl: The hair on my legs is very coarse and dense. I have fair skin. My bikini area does not itch, only my legs. Also, there is really no irritation left in the bikini area and it is starting to shed there. I’m noticing a little shedding on my legs, but they are still red with raised follicles and black dots. However, the itching is what is driving me CRAZY! I woke up again last night at 4am wanting to scratch them raw! I have been using aloe vera and anti-itch stuff. It is exactly 8 days since my treatment! Why do you think my legs itch, but not my bikini area?

I’ll post the settings used when I find out.

Thanks again.