First Treatment - Are new lower energy lasers effective???


I’m a male who’s had my first laser hair removal treatment about 4 weeks ago. The clinic I went to advertises heavily in the Toronto, Ontario area claiming effective treatments of all skin types with no side effects.

Indeed the treatment was not too uncomfortable, and the nurse/technician claims that this is do to thier new laser, which is as effect as others but only puts outs out 5 joules of energy (versus >30).

The hair immediately turned blonde after the treatment. They offered a “free” follow up treatment a week later to treat the same area again, which I attended. Their reason was to make sure they got all the hairs.

The treatment was done on my back/shoulders. I was told the treated hair would fall out within a couple weeks.

To date (approaching 5 weeks later), only some hair fell off my upper arms. The rest of the area appears largely unaffected (the hair did not fall out).

What gives? Should the hair have come out? I have a follow up treatment next week, and need to know if this is for me, or if I should try a different clinic.

I was excited at the prospect of finally ridding myself of unwanted hair, but am currently left mostly discouraged by these results.

Thanks very much for reading this post.

what is the name of this supposed laser? it seems that this is NOT a hair removal laser, but a laser used for other procedures. 5 joules is NOT enough to even damage the follicle. In addition, if it turned the entire hair (mainly the root) blond, a hair removal laser won’t be able to target it anymore because they way those lasers work is by being attracted to the dark pigment in your hair to kill it. so, hopefully it’s not a permament side effect.

dead hair sheds within 2-3 weeks. whatever you have now is not going anywhere since it’s been 5 weeks. and i’m not surprised. unfortunately, i would say that you have been scammed, whether it was intentional or not (at least not necessarily by the tech since often they just say and do as they’re told).

What is your skin and hair type? we can help you figure out what the best real hair removal laser to use is and maybe even recommend a good clinic in your area based on others’ experiences.