first timer

im about to go for my first Brazilian waxing and im just wondering is there anything in particular i need to do in preparation for it? im a bit nervous and shy about it to be honest.
would appreciate some help

SAffron: I’m a male and I used to get a Brazilian every 6 weeks before I had the hair permanently removed by electrolysis. While there is some pain, it is over before you know it I don’t know of any thing to prepare for. After leaving the waxing salon, I never felt anything except ecstasy with the smooth feeling. Just keep ypur mind on how you will look and feel after having it done. All my waxing were done by women and I was never embarassed.

Just make sure you have showered and then use some baby powder - it will help to keep you dry if you are nervous about it, and the smell of baby powder does something subconsciously to women… they get all protective and motherly… LOL

You should be fine! let us know how you get on.


just want to update ya’ll on my first time!
well it was fine. personally i would quite happily get my whole body tattoo’d before id go thru it again but i still definitely think it was worth it. dont let anyone tell you it doesnt hurt cos it does. but only for a while. then its just pure bliss…
cant wait till i go for my next one cos i just hate the regrowth now is so unsightly.
thanks for your help and advice this site is brilliant



Yes, the first time is uncomfortable but from now on it will be much easier.
Don’t let it go for a long time before you wax again or it’s like starting over again.


Good for you and welome to the world of being a “smoothy”

I went from having brazilian to laser and now electrolysis…keep us poted if you find the temporary method “too temporary”