first timer

hi, this is my first time considering electrolysis. Since high school,i have grown large amounts of hair over my body, including my upper thighs, stomach and butt. I ususally shave it but it has become something i cant live with anymore and i have become severly depressed.I tried taking pills from an endocrinologist to clear it up but it didnt work, so now hopefully electrolysis will work. i just need any tips or advice i can get. How long does it take to clear certain areas, how painful, what questions should i ask before deciding which electrologist i should go with, what kind of payment is required, before or after, etc? Thank you to anyone who can help me out, it is greatly appreciated.

The pills the doctor gave you were for treatment of the condition that leads you to grow excess hair. Nothing short of electrolysis will remove the hair you already have.

Most things can be cleared up visually speaking in a short time. You should look finished in 3 to 6 weeks if you don’t come out of your first appointment with smooth clear skin. For a list of things to think about before choosing an electrologist, visit our sister site you should read up in particular the info on

Where in the great state of Wisconsin are you? You may be near one of the electrologists people here on the site can recommend from personal experience.

The majority of your removal can be done in 9 to 18 months depending on the treatment schedual you set up. For most aggressive results, one would go with many long appointments in the beginning, and tapper down to shorter ones spread farther and farther apart as the case merits.

If your practitioner is good, and the treatment set up is modern, you can expect anything from nothing to feel, to slight discomfort in most areas. Pain is a relative thing, and some areas are more sensitive than others, but outright teeth gritting fist shaking pain should not be what you experience from electrology from 90% of the body. I assume that you will not be looking to remove hair from any of the places where the worst pain is a problem other than the upper lip. Don’t ask, just trust me when I say I am sure you won’t be looking for treatment in any of the other most painful areas.


In the vast majority of cases, insurance will not pay for electrolysis. You can do a search here on hairtell about other’s experience with insurance payment if you are interested.

You can pay for blocks of time, in some cases, or in most cases, you pay per session after each treatment. Cost’s vary in different locals — in my local it is usually $1.00 per minute - $1.50 per minute. Most accept cash or checks and then there are others who addition to cash and checks, take credit cards.

Please learn what is important to make electrolysis work for you by reading all you can about the process so you understand what will help or hinder your success.