First timer questions


I used the recipe on werewyndle’s topic and made some of the sugaring since I had all of the ingredients. So right after making it I went to the bathroom, powdered up some of my leg, and spread a little bit on.

First thing I thought was, “OUCH, this is hot!” = ( How cool can I allow it to get before it starts to really degrade the amount of hair removal the stuff can do?

Then, I put an old T onto my leg and pressed down until it cooled, then ripped it off. OUCH again! =’( Is there anything I can do to make it not hurt as much?

After pulling it off, I saw that there were a few tiny hairs were left (which were probably a result of the sugar breaking the hairs rather than removing them since I have long leg hair = /). What can I do to prevent that from happening? Or should I just do it again on the same spot?

Is there anything I should do before I start sugaring? Is there anything that I did wrong that I Should fix?

I know I should exfoliate my skin, but I’m not really sure how to go about doing that… would scrubbing it thoroughly do?

Thanks alot :smile:

… And if I can’t do anything about the ouchiness, I guess I’ll just have to take it, I guess.


sugaring is more ouchy than waxing. you need to exfoliate as that will make it easier to remove more hairs in one go. If shop bought scrubs are too expensive, you can use coarse ground salt, granulated sugar, even oats! Scrubbing hard is not as effective as exfoliating because the skin’s surface is uneven, so grains or brush bristles are better equipped to deal with it. Also, by scrubbing hard you are pulling your skin, which will catch up with in years to come, and will leave it red and sore - not a good idea before sugaring! Dry brushing, with a big, natural bristle brush also works. Exfoliate before you sugar, can you imagine doing it after going through that?! Also, have a bath or shower first to clean skin so the sugar sticks better, it will also open pores so that the hairs are easier, therefore less painful, to pull out. For the same reason, do it in a warm room, when you have plenty of time - I did a bikini wax in a hurry the other day, and although I have done it loads before, I made a huge mess and suffered for it! Oh, and pull skin taut in the area when you go to pull the strip off, it reduces the ouch as well. Have fun, after the first time it’s not that bad.


How long should the hair be for effective sugaring?


Hair should be at least a quarter inch, and the sugaring consistency is a matter of trial and error. You have to do it a bunch of times to get the hang of it, which is why people can charge lots of money if they’re good.