first time waxing



I am going to wax for the first time soon. I am very nervous. I should mention that I am male. Where can I find wax for do it at home at the grocery store? I look next to the nair, but it’s not there. All I’ve been able to find is roll on waxes, but my leg hair is too long for that (in some cases it reaches almost an inch.)

I am going to wax the following ares:

My legs
My crotch area and butt
my abdomen

Is there any advice on how to mitigate the pain? Do I get drunk first or something, or is that a bad idea? I’m really scared of the pain.

Also, I need advice on technique. I have absolutely no idea on how to approach doing this. PLEASE HELP


this is my third reply to you in just the last few minets so bear with me.
I cant recommend enough that you see a professional for your first waxing, it will help you get the technique down but if you are insistent i can offer you some advice

wax- buy it at a drugstore not a supermarket. Walgreens or Riteaid will have a better selection of products intended for home use. For your larger areas you will want a standard strip wax, nair makes an ok one but I’m sure others are good. For your crotch and anus you want a hard wax, if you can find it the blue azulene one is alright. these waxes are applied at a lower temp and left to stiffen up before they are removed without a strip. Practice on a less sensitive area before moving onto your genitals.

Prep-DO NOT GET DRUNK! waxing hurts but the pain is temporary and the fear is mcuh worse then than the actual, it hurts worse when you do it yourself but the faster you are able to remove each strip the less it hurts. Take some aspirin an half hour before you start and drink lots of water. Your leg hair is too long to wax and you will need to trim it down before you start (you can use a beard trimmer or scissors). Clean the area carefully and oil or powder well.

action- work in small sections, hold the skin taught apply a thin coant of wax in the direction of the hair growth, lay down your strip rubbing onto the hair in the same direction. Hold the skin tight. Remove the strip in the opposit direction. Pull fast (its like removing a bandaid the faster you go the less the pain) keeping the strip close to and parrallel to the skin. quickly apply pressure

after- clean and aply the post treatment cream or oil they include in the pack

this should help. I do still recommend a professional but good luck.

really wanted to use the do it yourself checkout lane at albertsons. The last time I bought that “roll on wax” at eckerds, the lady checking me out gave me some very condescending looks. It was excruciating. I know it’s not a problem-not as if I’m going to ever see that person again-but it’s still just not something that I need. Oh well, I’ll bight the bullet and go to wallgreens. THANKS.

And yeah, it has to be do it at home.

Also, I know this sounds stupid, but please forgive me as I am a beginner: What do you mean by “the direction of the hair growth?” Are there any graphics that I could look at to help with waxing? I’m a visual learner.


I am not sure about graphics but there should be something in the box that you purchase.
the direction of hairgrowth is the way it points (imagine the place where it enters your skin as the base of the arrow and the free end the point)
I know it is embarressing but if you will take a look around your big chain drug store you will see that there are people buying much more embaressing things there, whats a little hair removal in a place where people buy their medications for their most embaressing personal problems, adult diapers, sapositories and enima bags. There is no shame in wanting to rid yourself of body hair, just try to remember that.
good luck

LOL–that’s a really great way to look at it. Thanks so much for that perspective. Everyone here has really increased my confidence about this ten-fold. Really, thanks alot! [color:“red”] [/color]