First time today

HI. I had posted about the SpectraClear IPL. I had my test patch earlier, all systems go.

So we went ahead and did my arms and bikini. Right now I am feeling the sting, and have slight redness here and there, nothing majorly scary. I feel like a light sunburn. It is tolerable.

As she was doing the bikini, I kept almost jumping out of my skin, OUCH THAT HURT! Next time we are using numbing cream forgot what it’s called.

The price was 300 for arms and bikini, I go back in a month. December 17 I am doing almost full legs. Thats going to be 350. I showed her some fuzz my my stomach that nobody ever kne was there lol because I take it off quicxkly, and lower back that I bleach. She is going to do both places for free.

All in all, I would say it was painful. If it works in the long run, it will be worht it.