First time sessions just a "test" session? Help:/

I had a laser hair removal treatment that I bought off Groupon in my local area.

The laser type was IPL.

I am white, but have a slightly olive skin tone, and I have dark black facial hair. The treatment was for my neck area, as I always have ingrown hairs there and it’s so annoying.

The nurse doing the procedure said I probably won’t see results at all after the first session, as this was just a “test” session to see what settings I can tolerate. She said that my next sessions will be stronger and they will gradually go up each time. Does this make sense?

Thanks in advance everyone!

It makes sense, but first off IPL isn’t a laser it’s intense pulsed light and completely different. It’s not the same as laser at all.

You wouldn’t see results after the first session with laser either as it takes multiple treatments to see anything. 10 days or so after treatment the hair should all shed though, as if it doesn’t then the settings were too low. Either way they should still be using standard or high enough settings on the first appointment, and not using it as an excuse to waste a treatment really low, as that’s what a free consultation would be for.

So is IPL not as good? Should I not carry on with treatments?

Please read the FAQs at the link below.

Are you male? Be very careful about treating this area by just anyone and with an IPL. You can experience patchiness that will look unnaturally and will be very difficult to even out later.