first time epilator user, need help!

I bought my first epilator and was very happy with the results compared to shaving and waxing. But recently, ingrowns, bumps, hair curling under the skin, intensive itching, just to name a few is worsening.

I am not sure what to do? I know everyone says you to exfoliate, but is there anything else to reduce this misery?

Find a good electrologist and rid youreself of this problem once and for all, then sit back and enjoy hair free skin that looks and feels like hair never grew there.

What is the estimated cost of electrolysis? Actually, I am not sure exactly what it is or how long does this method last? Do you have to sit in these long sessions?

Also, are there any good products to eliminate ingrowns? I have heard rubbing alcohol works but doesnt that sting?

that’s the problem with epilating. you will constantly get ingrowns. a recommended product is TendSkin though it’s expensive and not going to be 100% effective on all the ingrowns anyway.

what area are you treating? what color is your hair and skin? is the hair coarse? it might be worth investing into one of the permanent hair removal methods, laser or electrolysis.

Mostly, the problem is my inner and back thighs. My hair was not real thick until I started shaving, that is when it grew back thicker and two hairs from one place.
My hair is black and I have olive toned skin.


shaving doesn’t cause the hair to be any different in structure. it has been proven for 100% many times with studies. people usually associate increase in hair and thickness etc with shaving because it usually happens around the time when hormones start going wild, you get more hair, and you start shaving. however, they’re unrelated.

it sounds like a Yag laser can give you great results. Please read the laser FAQs to learn more. With proper machine and clinic/laser operator, you can definitely get rid of this problem permanently. Laser works best on thick coarse hair.