First time electrolysis on chin - pics of burns

Hi all - this is my first time posting, as electrolysis is new to me. I had electrolysis performed on my chin to counter some very coarse hairs that are a result of hormone issues. The electrologist said she used the highest setting possible because the hairs were being extra stubborn and I could feel that a lot of them didn’t just “fall out” but were zapped several times then pulled.

I had some irritation, put on cortisone cream, then makeup. The following day, I had some scabbing, and the skin around the area felt hard, more dense. The third day, I used my Clarisonic, thinking I’d get rid of the minimal scabbing and am left with a chin like this:

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I usually scar quite easily so I’m not sure if this is because she did it wrong or simply how my face will behave for the procedure. Thoughts?

Your hair follicles were treated beyond necessity. This is not what we want clients to look like after a treatment. This should heal, but will take time and you shouldn’t have treatment on this area again until it is back to normal. Most importantly, show your electrologist this picture. If she is defensive, then search for another electrologist. How many electrologists did you have a consultation with before this one?

I would use a mild soap and water, followed by witch hazel, and just a dab of tea tree oil at bedtime with the purest aloe vera gel you can find. No makeup for a couple days after a session. Can you explain why you chose to use a Clarisonic and perhaps teach all of us what that is?

Thanks for the picture and welcome to hairtell.


“Ditto” everything Dee has said! I may not sleep tonight!

Note: for some strange reason, many therapists get too aggressive on the chin. Maybe they assume it’s a difficult area to overtreat because the hairs are deep and at a straight angle. This is not the case at all. Deep contraction manifestations often take place with severe overtreatment.

I know patients are SO anxious to clear off the hair. I won’t do it during the initial sessions — I will thin the area first.

Hi Dee, thanks for the info! To answer your q’s I did not get several consultations but I did read reviews about electrolysis at this spa and I’ve gone there for other procedures. I guess I paid for it :-\

The Clarisonic is a rotating brush used for deep cleaning of the face. I use it daily and had avoided it for a few days to heal after the electrolysis and did not pick at the scabs I was left with. I figured by the third day, it would slough off those scabs and reveal pink, but clear skin. I was a little shocked by the burns and raw red appearance above.

Will definitely show the pic to her - and am assuming she’ll chill with the setting and leave me less irritated. I’d rather it take longer than end up with scars, not to mention this has been a pain to cover up for work…

Well, thanks for that information. It is never wise to disturb scab formation. Scabs, as someone said, is nature’s band-aids. It is very important not to have electrolysis or to use the Clarisonic on that area until all is healed. Okay?

P.S. I bought one of my daughters a Clarisonic for Christmas and I had no idea what I bought, so thanks for the explanation.