First time back wax...what to expect?


Well…I’ve been living with this annoying back hair for a WHILE now & I’m getting fed up. I’m interested in electrolysis/laser but I’d like to try professional waxing first. I’ve tried doing it myself w/kits…very difficult. I’ve got fair skin and a moderate to heavy amount of hair growth. I’m interested in being waxed from the top of my neck all the way back to the small of my back. How much time should I expect this to take? What can I expect from my first waxing session? How much should it cost? I’m very nervous & embarassed about this whole procedure but like I said I’m getting fed up by letting this hinder my relationships and ability to live a normal life. I haven’t gone for a swim or to the beach in about 10 years now!

Any help & advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


You will be pleased with the results… Profesional waxing is the way to go, esp. in such an awkward position…

Your first waxing may hurt a bit, but it is not unbearable…

Remember, exfoliate…

Good luck,