first time at home waxing


I just bought Sally Hensen’s hot sugar waxing kit and have been trying to get used to using it properly. I heated up the wax and tried waxing my bikini line first. Only a few hairs were pulled out by the wax strip and I noticed little red dots were appearing on my skin. At first I thought I was bleeding but a couple of hours later I noticed they had turned into bigger red and purple bruises. My bikini area is really sensitive and hurt the most to wax but it isn’t supposed to be so sensitive that I get bruises, is it? Why did I only get bruises there and is it safe to try and wax that area again? The next place I tried to wax was under my arms. I have more hair there and it’s thicker then on my bikini line so I thought it would be easier. It didn’t hurt that bad but the wax strips pulled up even less hair then on my bikini line. Under my arms were the hardest area to wax. Why was it so hard to remove that hair? I also tried to wax my stomach and that was easier then the other areas but the wax strips wouldn’t pull up all of the hair at once and I had to keepm reusing my strips to try to remove all of the hair. I couldn’t get all of the hair though. Whenever I try to wax I will only get a little bit of hair at a time and I have to keep rewaxing the same areas. Is it supposed to work like this? I thought that wax strips were supposed to get all of your hair at once. It’s to hard and messy to keep rewaxing certain areas and still not be able to get all of the hair removed. What do I do? Is waxing supposed to be this hard messy and time consuming? Are there other methods or products where I can only wax an area once or do I just have to get used to waxing and become better over time?


Usually the trick is to get the wax the right temp when pulling it off, and using it on hairs that are long enough.

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Hi Summer,
Hahah! yes, waxing IS that hard at first, however, you will improve and let me give you my experience with this. I have been waxing for one year, and I highly prefer it to shaving, because i can not stand the prickly feeling when i am in bed at night!! I also tried Sally Hanson sugar wax and it worked well, and now I am using Nair microwave, sugar wash off wax. it can be messy but it really does wash off easily. you can not beat the price, and the roll on applicator is easy. i have tried cold wax and although i tried nads and it did work, it was a little painful to apply because it pulled when you were smoothing it on and then you had to pull it off and have pain twice! sugar wash off wax that you heat in the microwave is the best by far.

the main problem i had with waxing at home was that it was too painful and i shied away from pulling. what i did was get it done once at the salon and then started doing it at home when it started coming back in. with much less hair, you will learn how to pull and it is much less painful. at first i found that a few days later i seemed to have “stubble” but now i realize that i pulled out some but some hadn’t grown in yet, and then it came up in between. with about 2 or 3 months of just waxing whenever new growth comes in you start to “catch it” and get all of it. also, it is not painful because you are dealing with very little hair at one time.

i have learned to do underarm waxing with the Nair but it is challenging. with the weaker arm, you have to just practice more to get the pull right. it is so hard to pull straight down!

i tried bikini waxing at home and even with the Nair and Sally Hanson that work great for legs, I DO NOT recommend doing it at home. i even tried trimming it down with sissors but this is a different kind of hair and it hurt like the devil. i teared up because of the pain and the wax was stuck everywhere and the hair would not pull out. there was also a surprising amount of blood. when i swim, which is rare, i simply shave the bikini. i am getting married in 2 months and i am going to a salon for bikini wax…i think i will have much better results because they can get the right angle, and pull quickly.