First Skin reactions to epliator

This forum has been very useful for me, and I wanted to share some of the results I’ve had.

I’m a guy, got a Braun 3370 (thanks to the detailed and clear postings of others, esp Mantaray).

I decided to go at this slowly and carefully, gauging body response as I went.

I’ve done some waxing and some shaving.

Did the chest - no problem at all.

Did a test patch on lower leg - looks fine, I anticipate the whole enchilada there rsn.

Did the buttocks, which I’d waxed. Generally ok but some red welts.

Tried the pubic area, very small areas to test, which I previously had done a little waxing on (bikini line only and lots of red welts!) and shaved the rest. Hurt a lot and got a serious rash of red welts! I’ve used Tend Skin, but the price and need for mail order keeps me away. Tried Aloe - not much change. I found something called ‘Black Opal’ that has a LOT of the same igredients as Tend Skin, and that has helped a lot.

I’m puzzled overall. Pain levels vary a lot - legs and chest are negligible; bikini and pubic hurt a LOT. Bumps on legs non-existent, real welts in pubic area are quite unpleasant.

I’d like to hear what others’ initial reactions boody-wise were. Did it take several days for red bumps and welts to fade? Any other useful “first aid” for this problem?

I’ll keep going, but am likely to go back to the shaving for the pubic area. Too painful and too unpleasant to cope with the after effects.