First Shave

O.K. here goes: I shaved my legs, pits, and chest for the first time (Male, 36 years old this year.) Started shaving pubs earlier this year. Legs feel great, chest and stomach ok. Problem is armpits burn/itch and pubic area still stubbly even though I shaved close enough for some razor burn. Any suggestions? (Used gillette mach3 turbo and aveeno silky smooth (?) shaving cream.) Thanks for the help, love the forum.

Hello PSM,

I would suggest you cut the armpit and pubic hair short first before shaving. (Be careful not to cut your skin.) And for cost efficient, I would suggest use the single blade single use razor.
My hint: use a new razor for pubic area. After each stroke, shake of the hair (or rinse off if you prefer to shave wet).
If you want to shave dry, baby powder is a good product for me.
For rest of body, you need another blade.

You might also find using lady’s shaver is easier to shave armpit. Just my two cents.

I found that to prevent the itch,I had to resort to waxing. After I began saving some money I began electrolysis in both the pubic and underarm areas. I am now hairless there and I now wonder how I ever put up with those days of shaving and waxing. I am sure you feel the benefit of the smooth feeling in those places;especially the underarms. If men weren’t afraid to start they would never go back.

After your skin adapts to shaving, the itching may decrease.
You should probably shave your armpits every day, or least every other day. If you keep the stubble to a minimum, that should help with the itching.

The Mach 3 is a good choice for a razor. You may want to try the M3 Power, it may cause less irritation if you are having problems with that. Aveeno Positively Smooth Shave gel is their best formula.

I have had two clearings by electrolysis on my armpits, and that has eliminated all of the itching. It feels great and I would never go back.


RJC and Barrester, what did it cost for electrolysis on your pits? How long did it take, how many sessions? And, is it permanent? I’d love it if it were, pits are hard to shave and get really smooth. I will say, however, they get used to being shaved, and will stop itching after a bit if you keep up the shaving. Just do it every day, as someone suggested, so they don’t get stubbly, as that does itch. Also, use a woman’s deodorant, as they are designed for shaved pits. I use Dove, which is probably for either sex, unscented, it it is very mild. I find with shaved pits I hardly need deod anyhow, and half the time don’t use any. I never stink, with or without deod. That’s one of the side benefits of shaving, though I never did smell much there.

All your skin gets used to shaving over time. YOu may also get little red bumps on certain areas where the hair does not grow out straight, such as inside the thighs and your abs. This will improve over time, but you may need some sharp tweezers to remove some ingrown hairs.

Veinlover: Its difficult to quote time or price for removal of my underarm hair;because I was having the genital hair removed at the same time. In other words,in a 2 hour session the operator would spend part of her time in each area. However,I believe if you scheduled a 3 hour session for just one underarm,you would see remarkable results. As to your other question, none of the hair has come back and feels great.Let us know how you progress in that area;and the number of hours it takes to clear. Barrester

I pay $100 per hour. It takes about 1.5 hours to totally clear both armpits. This is an estimate. When I go in for a treatment. My electrologist does primarily one side of my chest, near the armpit and maybe a little bit of the other side per one hour session.

Yes, it appears so far to be permanent. Once you are cleared, some hair will grow back because you have entered a new growth cycle. It takes about 3-4 clearings to be virtually hairless.


In doing some research around here, it seems electroysis is being replaced by laser, or cool light, or whatever laser-like device they use. The price I was quoted for two pits was about $1,200 US, which seemed totally outrageous. I can shave pits in less than 1 minute, so why on earth pay $1,200 for a laser? I know it would be nicer, but can’t be that much nicer. Perhaps there is a cheaper place, I don’t know. No one seems to do electrolysis around here any more. I didn’t get a wax price, but I have issues with the stubble phase between waxings.


Your US$1200 for two armpits seems too expensive to me. If it is not that serious, you can just keep shaving, or buy a home wax kit and try that on yourself. You might be happy with your self waxing results.


Your US$1200 for two armpits seems too expensive to me. If it is not that serious, you can just keep shaving, or buy a home wax kit and try that on yourself. You might be happy with your self waxing results.

I hadn’t thought of home waxing. Probably could get a salon to wax them for very little money also. I think electrolysis would be best for pits, for all the advice here, and have found a local electrolysis place, but haven’t called yet to get the price for two pits. I’ll post it when I do. Maybe I should try waxing first, to see how I like the result, as it would look a lot like how they will look after electrolysis as well, it shouold look much cleaner than shaving.