First session, not all hair disappeared. Why?

I got my first laser session 4 weeks ago. The hair started falling off 1.5-2 weeks. Most came off with a tug. However, I’ve been noticing lots of other hair not coming out even when tugging. I thought maybe it needs more time but by now it appears the hair is just growing back. It’s about half an inch long now (in pre-laser times, my hair grows back the next day after shaving). So these hair that were supposedly ‘zapped’ with the rest are now growing and not shedding. I thought if the shaft was at the growth stage the laser would kill the follicle? So why are these hair growing and not shedding. I’ve also notice ‘new’ hair growing and I’m assuming cuz these ones were not in the growth stage so that’s fine. The hair that was supposedly ‘lasered’ are like patches. Could it be that the technician missed these? I paid a lot of $ for this so i know these hair should be shedding by now but they’re growing instead. I will be going back for another session since i paid for it but I feel the second session shouldn’t be to fix what they missed the first session. What do you think? Should I go back and draw myself with a pen on the areas that was missed? Any suggestions?

Definitely missed patches. Anything that doesn’t shed by three weeks is likely missed and you should try to get a touch up. Good luck though, I’ve never found a clinic that honors free touch ups, despite what they tell you at the consult.

If you outline the missed spots use a white eyeliner pencil (or something else white). If you use a pen, then the laser will just burn you where the dark ink is drawn on.

This depends though. You said some hair comes out some doesn’t. The hair that doesn’t come out, is it all grouped together in patches? Or does hair around it come out but some of it doesn’t? That would indicate that the settings either weren’t high enough so those hairs weren’t treated properly, as in the laser didn’t go deep enough to hit the root. On my face I never have patchiness, but not all hairs will fall out for example especially on my chin where hair is deeper. If it’s clear spots that were missed then just go back for a touchup, I’ve never had to pay for touchups in either of the clinics I’ve gone to. If it’s all over then it would mostly indicate settings that were too low. What machine was used and what settings? What area are you treating as well?

The hair that’s stuck in the follicles is dead. However, the hair that is growing as usual at 3 weeks and not coming out without resistance was missed. If it’s only 10-15% of the hair, it’s fine. If it’s a lot of missed hair, I would ask for a touchup at 3 weeks.

I’m treating my legs and bikini area. There was an entire area around the bikini line that was missed! Umm… it’s definitely not 10-15%. More like 50% are growing out as usual. Like I said previously it’s grown out to about about .5 inch and I’m pretty sure if I don’t shave it will continue to grow. Of course in no way am I saying the treatment didn’t work, i’m just disappointed that these active follicles stayed and are growing. Makes me feel my first session was wasted and not fully serviced. The machine was called soprano was used on me and the settings were between 7-10 whatever that means. I believe type 4 is what the technician had written down on the sheet. So is like a touchup a regular session another one I would have to pay? I’m in the greater toronto area. During the session I expected it to hurt but it didn’t hurt much, more like a discomfort. I’m now upset cuz i feel i got ripped off.

Yes I do have certain areas which are entirely patchy like a missed bikini area and some on my legs. As for the rest of my legs it’s like a regular growth with with some reduction but not a lot.

It sounds like they didn’t overlap properly and missed spots. You should come in, complain, and ask for a touchup for free.

You mean I have to complain to get a touch up? Can I just appear at the clinic and show them? Hmmm… I’ll take your advice (edokid) on the white eyeliner and nothing dark. Let me try to contact them and see what happens.

Well, each clinic is different. Some offer touchups as part of treatments, some give you excuses instead because most consumers don’t know they should expect shedding at all. We have no idea what your clinic is like.

White eyeliner was my advice, actually. :wink:

Hopefully your clinic will just give you the touch ups. Many will argue with you though. Very obnoxious of them, in my opinion.

Omg it was my idea! Kitty you thief. Jk lol

Ooops my apologies MagicalPrincessKitty. Yes you are correct. The white eyeliner was indeed ur idea.

Well I ended up call the place and all of you are correct. I was informed that these were not missed but that the hair follicle was not in it’s ‘growth’ stage so it’s normal that some will not shed. The patchiness was also explain that they too were not in the growth stage. I was trying to explain that I did understand that but I knew for a fact the ones I’m inquiring about were indeed either missed or the setting were not on high enough. I even offered to come in to show them. I mean clearly after 4 weeks there’s no reason why i’m patches and hairy in the sense that they are long! I even busted out a ruler and measured! But I guess at least I tried. I would’ve like the opportunity to show them and even then they said no way I’d be fine. Cuz I secretly think if they saw they would be like ‘maybe she’s right’ and at least appreciate that even though a touch up was not going to happen but maybe keep in mind on the thoroughness of the procedure the next time with others. I mean my session was less than an hour on the bottom half of my body. Final outcome I got out of it was that those hair was inactive because the laser that they use the soprano doesn’t miss patches like other lasers that zap an area at a time. They run the laser the entire area so would not be missed. The way I see it, it was missed but that’s just my two sense.

You should still have 100% shedding regardless of stage. I’ve never had that happen before. I always get treated and then by the 3 week mark I’m completely hair free until the hair grows back. If they won’t touch it up and the same happens next time, then they’ll pulling a fast one on you, since the hair should be in the same cycle by then.

The fact remains that they missed spots. I would come in in person and show them. It’s easier to dismiss you over the phone.

Just to reiterate, this is exactly why we recommend only paying for 1 treatment first before signing up for any packages. That way you’re not locked in in a clinic like this.

I think it takes a knowledgeable tech to do the work. Seems like there could be two things here:

  1. The hair that was in a non-growing phase is now starting to grow.

  2. The treatment was not that well executed.

I wouldn’t necessarily complain, but I would show them the hair that is growing and see what they think. In addition, I would try and photograph the area so that you have some evidence of what is happening. You could even take a ‘photo’ of the area into the treatment center. It’s a great way to not have to say anything, but imply that you’ve got your observations together…in a legal way.

Best of luck. :slight_smile: