First Report

I am a 32 year old post op male to female transsexual, with light skin and dark hair follicles. My skin is a little darker than most but would still qualify as light. I had my first laser hair removal session 3 weeks ago with the Palomar Medilux model. Now my facial hair has always been very sparse to begin with but so far I have noticed regrowth on the upper lip but the hair follicles are much thinner. There seems to be less hair now on the sides of my face and on my chin, although it will take time to know if that will be a permanant result. I plan to go for only 3 treatments to see if I get any result. I will post next month to to let everyone know of my results.

I also have an idea, I did some electroysis a few years back (yes it hurt, OWWWW) and my electrolysist was very experienced lady, she always told me to drink lots of water at least 1 hour prior to the session to hydrate the skin, she said it improved the kill rate. Maybe this can work for laser too, because if your skin is not hydrated it can be like shooting the laser at a piece of leather, certainly I wouldn’t expect much laser penetration. If the laser heats up dark pigment having a little extra water in your skin my heat up the follicles even further, maybe it could effect the kill rate. Just an idea anyways, the only problem I’ve had with this idea is a overwhelming desire to use the bathroom half way through a session. i will post more next month and report my experience


Thanks for posting your experiences. Please keep up the postings.

I am a bit older than you and am still pre-op but not for very much longer(just a few more weeks, thank god).
I would say my facial hair was pretty dense to begin with, but not wolfman like. I had mostly dark with some light ones. I started on laser with lightsheer for 9-10 sessions and now am doing electrolysis at 90 hours plus completed.

The laser helped to reduce my facial hair somewhat, but did not do near enough for my liking. I had lots of dark regrowths and some greys. The difference after 90 hours+ of electro is wonderful.

I have heard of some girls having success with laser and I hope that is your case. You won’t know if it is satisfactory till you get all the sessions done though, so keep up the posting.

Good luck!