first laser treatment experience

After much research I have begun my laser hair removal treatments. Yesterday I had my full face, underarms, and the area between my eyebrows done. Today we did just my lower legs. It was an odd experience, but I felt prepared due to the information and support from this forum–THANK YOU! I am type III-IV skin so she used a yag laser (cutera coolglide) set on 40 joules. The sensation was really painful on my underarms (I am extremely hairy) and I was shocked by the smell of burning hair! After the treatment she gave me ice packs and that really helped–after the pain subsided, she went over the area with a gentlelase which she said would help with the shedding. Then on to the face–again pretty painful, especially along the jawline. I was most suprised at how I felt the heat of the laser on my gums when she did my upper lip. Today I feel fine but have a few crusty brown patches on my jawline. She used the gentlelase between my eyebrows and on my nostrils. A very odd sensation to say the least as it shoots out a coolant prior to the laser, and it went straight up my nose! When she did my unibrow I could see the flash even though I was wearing protective goggles, and that was a bit disconcerting as well. Today we did the lower legs and aside from some discomfort on the areas that were close to the bone it went quite smoothly. I have to say that it was an odd sensation, but nothing intolerable and if I have 70% hairloss as they predict I will be ecstatic!
A quick note for those of you who have fairer skin–I spoke to a friend who had her face, bikini and underarms done with a gentlelase (she is very fair with dark coarse hair) and her experience was very positive. She did this a few years ago and has had no hair growth since!
Best of luck to you all–I will keep you all posted on my experience.