First Laser Treatment-- and I am Very Confused???

I have white skin, dark hair, a 2 I believ, so I chose Candella Gentlease. I did my first treatment on my chest, back, shoulders. My skin was red at first, and after 1 hour I just see red dots where he used the laser. My problem is that there is a distance between the red dots which are kind of far apart, maybe a half an inch or so. I think my skin was red because of all the ice he put on. There was like 250 zips on the front, so is it normal or he missed like everything? He used 20 joules, which I thought is very low, but he said that its almost the most he can put on that size. Is he right or wrong? Also he wouldn’t do the neck, cause she says it will be pigmented since its always exposed? Should I go back or look for another practitioner, or laser?

20 joules is the max for 18mm spot size and it’s fine to start on for a type II. he should switch to 15mm for later treatments to increase the joules. redness around the follicles is a good sign. treating your neck would be more effective without potential to burn when it’s not tanned.

it’s impossible to tell what was missed yet. some areas will get redder than others. you’ll be able to tell after 3 weeks. whatever doesn’t shed by then was missed and you can ask for a free touchup if there was a lot missed.

what kind of hair do you have? coarse? fine? how much of it on all areas? how long did the treatment take?

What do you mean red around the folicals. Its red where he put a 18mm laser on, thats the size of those dots, and there are in order so its like I can see where he put a laser on. It seemed that he god everything. Does the ice makes your skin red, cause it was all very red when he was done.
What should I do about the neck, should I do electrolysis on it.
My hair is very course on my chest, black but thinner on the stomack.

There is alot on all areas except on the sides, and the treatment took around 40 minutes, and not a very big guy, fairly small. How many zips should be on each area?

redness for up to 2-3 days is ok, but if it lasts longer than that, let them know to make sure you weren’t burned. it’s not from the ice, it’s from the laser heat. if he got everything, you’re fine. just wait 3 weeks and let us know how shedding goes. it’s impossible to judge effectiveness before that even happens.

the reason i was asking about coarseness and density of hair is because upper arms are difficult to treat for men and some report more hair growing at first due to laser stimulation if you do laser on that area and the hair there is sparse and fine. electrolysis is better for sparse and fine hair. Electrolysis does take longer on the dark coarse hair. If you want, you can do electrolysis on the neck, but if the hair is pretty coarse and dark, I would just wait a bit and start with laser there, then finish with electrolysis if you want 100% removal there.

I’m type two also. Having LHR from knees to neck. Same thing with chest, back and abdomine. Have had three treatments and am very satisfied. Have read anecdotal evadince of laser-induced hair stimulation of hair growth and am very skeptical. Anecdotal evadince is very very unreliable. Need stat.s and clinical studies to prove or disprove. Not available to date.

I tried hours and hours (1 year, + or - , thousand of $'s) electrolysis on groin, chest area w/little results. Laser is (hopefully) the answer to removing long (very long, dark, animal-like) hairs covering my body. Want it off, and laser appears to be working.