first laser treatment, ? about changing laser

I had my first lhr session a week ago using a gentlelase on my back. I have type III borderline type II skin with dark, coarse hair. The laser was set on 18j but I do not know the spot size. I have not been able to determine what the results are from the first treatment yet. My question is I went to a dermatologist today and during my exam I informed them of my lhr session. They wanted me to give them a try. They use a cutera coolglide and are half the price of what I paid for my first session with the gentlelase. Any advantages or disadvantages to switching to the cutera, suggestions?

  • You need to wait 3 weeks for shedding to happen. It’s impossible to tell whether the treatment did anything after only 1 week

  • Coolglide is a Yag laser. Alex like GentleLASE is more powerful and effective, if settings are good

sorry, should have been more detailed with my question. I was referring to my next lhr visit in 6-7 weeks and/or other areas of my body that I have not treated yet.
Was wondering if the coolglide would be an option for my skin type since it would save me over $300 a visit compared to the gentlelase.
Are there negative side effects I could see other than not as much hair reduction vs the gentlelase?
Could I use it on the back of my neck and arms where I am more tanned(farmers tan) and have less coarse, dark hair?
Or my chest where I just want to reduce the amount of hair and make it more fine vs the thick, dark, coarse hair I have now?

Coolglide, if used at good settings, should work as well on the very coarse and dense growth the first 1-4 treatments. Afterwards, alex would be more efficient. Yags can really only target very dense coarse growth well.

Most men’s upper arms don’t have coarse enough hair for any laser. Can you post photos? This area is prone to induced growth too.

For a reduction on the chest, a Yag is great.