First “horror”

With no comment on this, here’s a patient I did yesterday. Thoughts? (Oh, this is just the beginning!)

what’s the purplish spot near the crease?

You missed ONE hair. I know you did it on purpose .


I don’t know. What do you think it is? I’m looking for “forensic interpretation” … this could be fun (and enlightening).

Is that a “missed hair?” Are you sure? Take a closer look.

It looks like a hair, though it COULD be lint on the lens but the direction is consistent with a missed hair.Admit it you left it because you KNEW I’d notice it. As with all photo’s it’s hard to say, lighting can do such funny things.
The purplish spot COULD be a smallish bruise , an injection site,a electrolysis site or any one of a million other things. This is why I rarely draw conclusions from pictures, they can be misleading.


I’m curious though how long it took you to clear that smallish area. It would take me the better part of an afternoon.


I know you don’t miss your insertions, so those purplish spots are dermal injection spots - not bruises. But what area is it? Hmm. Neck? Thigh? Groin? I’m a better Scrabble player than a hair forensic scientist, sorry to say. The Geico Pig might have a better guessing ability than me.

My first thought is that it was a nape of neck/shoulder crease area. That or a butt cheek, but I’ll go with my first guess. It looks like the exact same reaction my skin had and is slowly clearing up

I think I see a previously attached hair laying peacefully amongst the red dots.

So with my new, just picked up from the optomotrist prescription glasses I can see a little better.

Well I think both Dee and Brenton are correct, this is the neck area and it wasnt a missed hair it’s one lying on the skin after removal, deviously placed by Michael because he knows the sight of it would drive me absolutely batshit.Those things stick like glue! Good spotting Dee you can almost see the rounded root.

The purplish spots? Well there once was a time I had male hormones running through my body. One of the less pleasant effects, was acne especially on the back of the neck, those ones hurt. I believe the purplish spots ( which are too big for electrolysis sites) are acne.Thee are 3 that I see, but only one larger one.There wouldnt be any point in injecting there so they arent injection sites.


You know, I really so appreciate “you guys!” I enjoy the interaction so much you have no idea. It keeps my mind off my own scary problems.

I should have identified that area … but it’s a “bikini” area! Her right side.

Yep the “red dots” are erythema (that means “red” in “doctor talk”) that are caused when tissue is injured and blood (capillary) rushes into the immediate area. Were it not for the local anesthetic … that causes whitening of the skin … the whole area would be red. And yes, those bruises are the anesthetic sites.

The client is an “almost finished with it all” TG client. The face came out GREAT and is completely done! (She’s “blond/blue” and this is the BEST skin-type for electrolysis with no post-treatment difficulties.)

I will be starting the “pre-op” stuff once I get specific instructions from her surgeon. The doctors all want something a bit different (you need to talk to the surgeon first). And, it depends on what the client wants too, as this “look” should fit the person herself. You know LOTS of different “styles” to choose from.

Also interesting (well, maybe) is that this depicts a “disagreement” I had with the client. (I adore this person, by the way!). She initially wanted a very “high” bikini line. I said, “No, let’s be conservative; you can always remove more hairs but you can’t put them back.” So I cleared-off the area I thought reasonable. After she healed up, she shaved the area to where she wanted, and lived with it for about 6 months.

She then decided that the “high cut” was, indeed, to radial and let the hairs grow back (You can clearly see the two areas; one looks clipped/shaven). She did super well from the first clearance and what you see is the second clearance. And yes, I need to do the hair at the “top” too. (Maybe a slight diamond shape? … I’m not sure just yet.)

The first clearance took 2 hours and the second clearance took 50 minutes; WAY better than I had expected. I’m surprised that the “line” stayed so intact. I will show the area next week when she comes back.

I wonder if I should show the “pre-op” stuff? Maybe too graphic? I will ask Dee Dee. This might not be the right place for this? Probably not. (There I go again with my long-winded drivel!)

Nothing is too graphic for me.
Different surgeons have different requirements. I’m most familiar with the work of Dr Brassard inmontreal, he does the “scrape” and if I recall correctly prefers the area not be worked on prior because the scrape is somehow critical to his process.


You can post your other pictures in the Mature Forum, Mike. A password is needed for those that want to view, which isn’t difficult to get.

For orientation purposes,

The green arrow points to the mons pubis. The blue arrow to the panty line. The red arrow to the upper thigh.

Nice work. She is lucky to have you!