First experience with Soprano XL laser chest/abs

male 33 years old, white skin with dark course hair.

I had my first session with this Soprano XL laser and who ever is marketing this as pain free is in LA LA land.

I have had my shoulders and neck done with the lightsheer and it hurt as much as that. I had 5 sessions for my shoulders and have had wonderful results with the lightsheer.

This laser hurts, I just hope it works as well as the lightsheer and I get the same results as I got with the lightsheer. I did get the same reaction as I did with the lightsheer but I am skeptical.

The reason I am upset is… I paid more for these Soprano XL sessions, I am not sure if it will work as well as the lightsheer (which is cheaper) and I feel like I was mislead about the pain free claims.

Should I stick with the Soprano XL? or finish the 4 treatments up with the lightsheer?

What is the perfect wait time between sessions for chest and abs?


I’m not sure which is better both are diodes so probably will give similar results. I’d wait to see how well your hair sheds from the Soprano first before deciding. For example, do you get 100% shedding with no missed spots or patches with the LightSheer?

As I’ve said before as well, to remove hair it has to hurt. I know that Odi and others using Soprano XL disagree, but I’ve used 3 types of laser and just don’t see how it can’t hurt. As I’ve said before many times here too, you can’t let pain be what stops you from doing laser hair removal. Bite your lip, take advil, use numbing cream, do what you have to do but pain should not be what affects your treatments.

8-10 weeks is probably what you will wait between sessions but you’ll know when is good. Keep in mind the hair needs a couple weeks to shed out, then you’ll be smooth for a few weeks, then it will grow back. When it’s fully grown back, that’s when you go for another treatment. So if at 6 or 8 weeks hardly any hair is back, it doesn’t matter what the technician says, it’s too soon since you want hair there to be treated.

If you already found a good clinic that gave you results with LightSheer, I would stick with them. It means they know what they’re doing. Just use a numbing cream and icing to manage pain.

Was it SHR mode (rapid pulses) or single pulse mode? Single pulse mode should be about the same as Lightsheer.

can you use a numbing cream for such a large area like chest and abs? would that be toxic?

Yes it could be toxic.

Does it really hurt that much? I find chest and stomach one of the least painful areas to treat. Try doing your face then see how little chest hurts :stuck_out_tongue:

As edokid said, that area shouldn’t feel much/at all unless either they used single pulse mode on you which would feel like a Lightsheer or they over treated you which would feel like a burn.

It’s also possible that it was the old model of the Soprano (without the XL) and that only has single pulse mode.

Yes, you can use a numbing cream on that area. It just has to be a properly compounded cream. The people who died used a cream that was compounded by the pharmacy improperly and contained unsafe amounts of lidocaine. Something like EMLA would be fine.

I would only apply it to the areas with the most dense coarse hair.