First Electrolysis Treatment and Concerns

Two days ago, I had my first treatment done on my eyebrows. I’m not really satisfied and have a few concerns, but here is my experience!
I booked a consultation and went to see the electrologist. We talked for about 5 minutes. She gave me a very basic explanation of what electrolysis is. I then asked what machine she used and what method (blend, thermolysis, or galvanic) she would use on my eyebrows. I did not receive a clear answer and pretty much was told that it is short currents and she will use the general setting for eyebrows. I was pretty confused, but just wanted to actually get the treatment already so we started.
During the process, I constantly felt plucking of my hair. She would zap a hair and then use huge tweezers to pluck the hair she zapped. I definitely felt the same thing as when I tweeze my brow hair. Another thing is that she was inaccurate in using tweezers to pick up the hair she zapped. I feel like she also got tiny, tiny hairs around the hair she zapped, which could be another explanation for the plucking sensation. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but I have very very small hairs (almost like dark peach fuzz, but a little bigger) and I feel like she just hastily plucked those along with the bigger hair she treated without zapping the small hairs first.
I thought I was just being paranoid at first, but then at one point she said that she was just going to tweeze a few hairs because they were too small and she did just that before I could even say anything. Also, after she finished, she asked if I liked it and I asked if she could get a couple more hairs above my eyebrow. But by then she had already put her equipment away and said that she will just tweeze them. I refused since I want electrolysis not tweezing, payed her, and left.
Overall, I’m not very satisfied with how my first experience with electrolysis went. I went home and saw that there is still a lot of very tiny/thin hairs that she did not get. I also see a couple small, stubby hairs where I think she tried to pluck or accidentally plucked, but the hair broke instead of being pulled out.
Is what I experienced normal or should I be concerned? She had wonderful reviews on Yelp and a couple people I messaged said she was great so I’m not sure what to think. The entire process took about an hour and costed me almost $100 so I’m trying to be cautious about this as I do not have any money to waste.
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

You should not feel a plucking sensation.

Continue the consultation process with someone else, if you will, and the next time, make it clear that you will take the shortest appointment. Also make sure the next electrologist knows about your previous experience and kindly remind her that you know that plucking sensations are not what you want.

So sorry that you spent $100.