First electrolysis experience (Toronto)

Hey guys, I’m a 21 year old uni student in Toronto, and I’ve been at an all out war against my facial hair since middle school. So far, I’m losing.

Anyways, having prowled for the forums for quite a while, Sarah Shringley seemed like the most recommended electrologist in Toronto.

Here’s a little recap of what happened.

During the consultation, she gave me the general information regarding electrolysis, most of which I already knew from researching, but I was grateful nonetheless for her attentiveness. However, she did mention one thing that somewhat troubled me, in her exact words “after 15 minutes, it’ll be like there was no hair growing there in the first place.” I knew there was going to be some after effects that would take quite a long time to heal, this comment seemed too good to be true. However, trusting the recommendations, I followed through and booked a trial.

A couple weeks later, I attended the 15 minute trial. During the trial, she used galvanic, and also a blend, to see how I would react to the different methods. Both methods were quite painful, however manageable.

The areas where she removed hairs on my chin still have scarlet red dots, which I’m quite happy with, and I know they will be gone given some time and patience.

The upper lip however is in quite a disastrous state. There is hyper-pigmentation around the treated follicles, and one particular follicle is now a huge crater. The scabs have fallen away, and the skin has improved quite a lot compared to after the treatment, however the treated areas do not resemble anything I’ve seen in the Temporary Side Effects thread.

Here are some pictures, apologies for the bad lighting and iPhone camera. Notice the 3rd picture how there is a bit of cratering.

I’ve been applying ethanol alcohol spray and aloe vera leaf on the treated areas twice a day as she instructed.

She assured me any marks left by the treatment it would go away within two days, as opposed to fifteen minutes which she mentioned in the consultation. It’s been a week so far, and I’m really praying those marks don’t result in scars.

I must say I’m quite discouraged. I don’t know whether if it’s simply my super-sensitive skin reacting badly to the treatments, or I am in need of an new electrologist.

Also, a shoutout to Josefa. I really hope I can book an appointment with you someday, despite your super busy schedule. Although I live in Toronto, I am willing to make the effort to travel there. Heck, I’ve been battling it out for 6 years, I’m not giving up now, and I’m willing to undergo just about anything it remove my facial hair with zero to minimal scarring.

Hope this experience has been helpful for fellow Torontonians.

If you’re a long time lurker on HairTell you’ve probably run across a thread or two with a similar situation, your circumstance isn’t really unique and will heal up given time (if indeed a pockmark from electrolysis is what you’re seeing; i’m convinced some people tend to notice every finite detail of their skin once it’s been messed with). I’m using the basis that the previous posters haven’t been back to update anyone on the situation, i could be wrong but that’s just my two cents.

Just remember that the upper lip is a finicky area and it will hurt and may or may not take more time to heal properly.

I’m sorry to say that the pictures I’m seeing are of such poor quality that I can’t make any comments.

I do know that people don’t like their face looking like they have a case of bad acne that lasts for weeks. Temporary side effects should be limited to some swelling that subsides within a couple dats or less, redness that goes away in a couple days or less, a few pinpoint size scabs the may or may not occur, but if they do occur, they are gone within a week.

If you want the hair permanently affected, then you have to be open to experiencing temporary side effects as described above.

If you can re-submit quality pictures,then maybe those of us who are willing to give an opinion, will do so.


I’m with Dee in that the pictures are of poor enough quality that what you are telling us is lost.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience . I do have one concern, that you said your practitioner used galvanic as well as blend. Was galvanic used on the upper lip where you say you have a crater? The reason I ask, is in my experience galvanic tends to scab quite a bit more than blend, though the reasoning is lost on me as to why this is so. I early on did a bit of practise galvanic and had some of the worst scabbing I have experienced to date, using an identical method to the blend I’ve performed which had near perfect results. Now the good news is although it looked horrible at the time, it did eventually heal fully and leave no after effects on the area but it was enough to give me big concerns and decide I wouldn’t do any more strait galvanic on my face.

Oh and I’d like to point out ethanol can dry out the skin, I use teatree oil if I need to in the first 24 hours only( as it can also dry the skin). AloeVera does wonders. The best thing you can do for after treatment, as has been pointed out here more than once, is to wash the area gently multiple times a day to clear out any buildup of white blood cells from the treatment site.


Hopefully the purpose of your visit to Spain was different, for example, enjoy our climate and our cuisine. In any case, it will be a pleasure to welcome you.

The spot has improved significantly in the past few days, however there is still a great deal of pigmentation, which will hopefully subside.

I am still quite concerned at the expertise of my electrologist though, and I will continue searching for a new electrologist.

Thank you for all your replies. This is really a wonderful community.

I will be really surprised if it doesn’t subside. I wouldn’t worry.