First DIY machine (Eu access) Sorisa?

Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum for a while and have found it super helpful and an abundance of knowledge. I’m really grateful to have everyone’s input and exchange! I have finally decided to embark on this hair journey after suffering from hirsutism and not finding an adequate electrologist where I live.

I am considering a first machine:
Is anyone familiar with Sorisa machines? I believe they’re a Spanish company. I was considering a pre-owned Sorisa DE-5000. If I dont find one then a Sorisa DE-3000 or DE-6000 (although this would be double the price- not sure if 500 euros more is worth the model upgrade and seems too much). Does anyone know if their machines are good? Im a diyer and just starting out-wanted something that was reasonable in price point, durable with blend setting. Fyi: I am based in France.

The only thing is I cant seem to find a company website- which seems super odd. As I would like to learn more about their product specifities. Plus, in case the machine does not come with a manual. And if I ever need to replace any parts I need to know they are easily accessible as read in this forum.

Does anyone know if the Sorisa’s are F or K shanks?

Does it have both automatic setting in addition to foot pedal?

Can I use any other brand of foot pedal if it needs replacement?

Also can I use any other brand of needle holder on it for ex sterex or other.

P.S Im also open to any other blend machine recommendations you guys may have for the EU :slight_smile:

Thanks again I appreciate your valuable input!

Bonsoir Razzlered!
Welcome to the forum. Yes Sorisa is a spanish brand, and they used to produce very good machines. It is a shame they stopped produce electrolysis machines.
I use an old Sorisa machine and it works very well, however I don’t recommend doing DIY electrolysis on face. Based on my professional experience, I highly recommend you to find a good professional for the face and why not trying to do the body yourself.

The most important to succeed with electrolysis treatment is not the name of the brand or the modality (blend or thermolysis are both successful) but the hand skills of the operator)

Oh wow I almost couldn’t believe it when I got a notification- I can’t believe Adrien responded to my post! For me you Josefa and Michael are like the Holy trinity of Electrolysis. I’ve been following all three of you guys’ incredible work and your all veritable rock stars of hair removal. Ok I will stop fangirling now. Thanks for sharing a capital information- I didn’t know that Sorisa discontinued making their electrolysis machines perhaps that’s why I couldn’t find a website. I remember hearing wise advice on the forum that always go for machines that you can easily find accessories easily. I guess I might have to turn towards Sterex as I know they can be accessible from UK. Perhaps a SX-B or something that does blend. Just not a fan of the needle holder looks quite big and heard that they don’t make them to last anymore/ need to replace often. Wonder if I can use another brand pen holder for a Sterex like Ballet?

100% with you on this one, not going anywhere near the face, especially since I visited an electrologist for the first time about a month ago and was burned on my chin. Pcos gal here, had 40 or so thick chin hairs. I ended up getting burned. Thank God I insisted on a test before. And this was the test. Funny thing is didn’t notice immediately after as skin looked normal. Few hrs later the skin became red followed with swelling. When I touched it my chin was very hard from wounded collagen/ scar tissue and I had lost sensation of it- when touching it I couldn’t feel anything. I thought this was normal but 2 weeks later my chin was still red, hard, and felt itchy. I am currently in the process of healing my chin burn. Thankfully I have regained sensation but it still sensitive to touch and the redness has given place to hyperpigmentation/ burn marks. Have nc25 skin so I understood from this forum that hyperpigmentation is normal. I’m not really angry about the burn but just that now I have to wait 6-12 months for the skin to heal otherwise I will risk permanently wounding collagen, which means I have to live with a hairy chin for another year arghhh. She commented that I have oily sebaceous glands when she was removing the hairs. I am wondering if the high power combined with the oily sebaceous glands had anything to do with the burns- maybe an overlapping of treated hair as well? Kind of a stretch but makes me wonder if someone with oily sebaceous gland should even moisturize their face so as to avoid burning due to high power? Also in my mind wondering if I should return to her. Other than the burn she seemed to have done everything else decent, maybe if she adjusts parameters next time. Lmao I sound like I have borderline Stockholm syndrome.

In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for a machine and I have ordered a bunch of book so will try to go through those when they arrive and take out my Stockholm syndrome on a bunch of oranges and newspapers after I acquire some needles.

Thank you for your kind words.
I suggest you to apply bepanthène cream and just wait for the healing process.
I don’t know much about Sterex machine, but I am sure other members can give you more informations about it.
Take care

all good- thanks for your help!

Hi Razzlered,
I’ve had a look around the web at these machines and Adrien appears to have answered many of your questions to confirm they were quality epilators. I think the problem I see, is learning how to use the settings. I’m not familiar with the brand but at first glance it appears somewhat intimidating to set the settings properly. Adrien is correct that you should not learn DIY on your face first, but there is nothing wrong with learning electrolysis on an arm or thigh. Face requires some more skill and practise, and even then you will find some electrologists hesitant to give advice. When you are ready you will already know how to tackle a chin hair. Stick to galvanic and eventually blend and concentrate on insertion accuracy. And never DIY thermolysis on the face, it will not end well for you.


100% agree- thanks Seana!

Hi Razzlered,

I have just come across this website as I have a Sorisa DE-5000 epilation machine for sale. I used to practice but am now retired. I am in the UK at the moment but now live in France. Did you manage to buy a machine?

Hi SusieQ,
Have just responded to your message


I have the manual and can take photos of the pages and send them to you if you wish. The machine is in the UK, and we are here too at the moment and will be returning to France towards the end of this month.

Whereabouts are you in France?


I’ve received your email but my reply wasn’t delivered as it’s saying the address wasn’t found. Sorry, I’m not techie minded!

Hi, did you sell your machine? Is it in working order, or does it need repairs? Thank you.