First Clearing Today and SO Happy!

Hello, all!

After months of browsing this forum and joining last week, today was my first electrolysis appointment. To put it generally, my electrologist absolutely exceeded my expectations. The whole appointment did, really. So, I wanted to make this post for all of you professional electrologists who may want a “first timer’s” reaction or for those considering electrolysis but too afraid to take the final step. Now, I know there is always a risk of an unpleasant experience in anything one does, but my appointment today was GREAt, as I hope everyone’s first experience to be.

Since about the eighth grade, I have battled unwanted facial hair on my chin and jawline. It has always been manageable—a hair here or there—but as I got older (now 25), the problem became worse. I grew up around electrolysis because my grandmother did it for years before retiring. During her practicing years, I was too young and afraid (in my mind) to seek treatment. Now, I’m glad I finally have. Before my appointment this morning, my biggest concern was the pain and side effects. Fortunately, I had reached a point that the pain didn’t matter and I was willing to do whatever it took to start hair removal treatments. And, much to my surprise this morning, the pain wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. In fact, I actually enjoyed each “zap” because I knew that it was one step closer to a smooth face! So, for any first-timers, the only sensation I felt was the current/heat sensation entering my hair follicle. It stung a little, but it was absolutely manageable. I can confidently say that I was comfortable the entire time.

My electrologist made me feel normal from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. She was able to treat three small moles on my chin that had dark, course hair growth, and, of course, the other areas where sporadic hairs were present. Overall, my first clearing took about an hour, and she informed me that I would likely need hour treatments for my next few visits. Fine by me. :slight_smile:

Lastly, it’s been about eight hours since I completed treatment today, and I have had very minimal side effects. No redness, irritation, or swelling. The moles she treated today are a little raised, but she explained that was normal and they would go back down. I’ll report back if I experience anything strange. I am SO excited for my next appointment!

If you read this far, I thank you, and hope this gave you some inspiration to either go ahead and seek electrolysis treatment or, if you’re a professional, that we truly appreciate the work you do!

Sounds good for you, Marathon!

Just so the other consumers know, if you are feeling a lot of discomfort, tell your electrologist. We have so many ways that we can adjust the intensity and timing to make treatments tolerable.

You have got to feel it though, so do be realistic about the sensation factors that go along with PERMANENT hair removal.

Be realistic about TEMPORARY skin side effects, too. There are many skin types. There are fine, medium, coarse (not course) hairs all scattered in one area. Some skin types react with little fanfare and others look very red and swollen for a day or two.

Initially, there is excitement about starting electrolysis because it is permanent and guaranteed, but you also have to be realistic and patient here. You need to get through the hair growth cycles. There will be several groups of hair coming forth over a period of 4-9 months. Don’t get discouraged when you see this. BE HAPPY that the hairs are coming to the surface so they can be seen and treated by your lovely and highly intelligent electrologist.

Most know that this is a process that requires consistency for 9-18 months. Just stick to the plan and get it done ALREADY!