First Aurora treatment - questions

I had my first Aurora treatment a week ago.
The settings used were 23 (IPL) and 20 (RF).
My skin is of type 3 and the hair is dense but rather fine and blondish/light brown.
Does anyone know if the settings are ok and likely to be effective for a first session, please.
Any advice /experience would be really appreciated :smile:


Those are not too far from maximum settings. Maximums in short pulse mode are 28-30J IPL and 20J RF.

Did you feel anything during treatment?


Thanks for your reply RJC2001.
I did feel some pain indeed.
The practitioner was putting some cooling gel (the same type used for echographies) before using the IPL, which helped a bit and I have fairly high tolerance to pain (judging from what she said).

I still have not seen any shedding but I guess it’s only been over a week so likely to be too early for that.

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