Fino and James: requesting you input re: Little bumps thread

Hi Fino and James.

I made a thread titled ‘how long for little bumps to go away?’ , and no-one has so far been able to offer anything concrete with regard to the symptoms that I and another user have described in the aforementioned topic.

Was hoping with your respective wealth of experiences, that those of us who have posted in the aforementioned thread might be able to gain a more conclusive understanding of these small bumps described.

please refer to aforementioned thread.



I don’t want to give the impression that I’m anyone’s secretary, but I happen to know that James is not ignoring you. I’m sure James will have a response for you soon. He and other electrologists (and Andrea, too, as a keynote speaker) are attendng the American Electrology Association annual meeting in Las Vegas. They are also probably taking a well-deserved vacation from their computer at this time, so they are not aware of your request.

Fino pops into hairtell whenever he desires or has time.

James is good about responding - just be patient a little longer until he returns from Vegas, and I’m sure he’ll help out.


Oh, forgot to mention ---- you may want to enter your request for an answer on your original thread so they are not trying to hunt for your question about bumps that doesn’t appear on this thread.