Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover: "Does It Work?"


According to the package, it removes hair instantly and pain free. Good for chin, ankles, feet, bikini lines even eyebrows.

According to their tester, "it’s still falling short of her expecations when it comes to shaping the eyebrows, especially the bottom side. “It’s not taking these hairs underneath here off.” "

Did a nice job on her neck, but wouldn’t replace the waxing she does.

Cited in:

It works great on fine hair, but didn’t do anything to my coarse hair at all. I find it a waste of money.

I have had AMAZING results with it and you can’t get any course than me. LOL

I use it in between laser treatments because you are not allowed to pluck.

It works great on the area between the eyebrows. The small size really helps there. It is very risky using a Braun Syncro in that area, although I have done it. One slip and you just started a new fashion fad LOL!

It works great on ear hair too.

For larger areas, they came out with a Body Touch Personal Trimmer ($9.99 at Linens ‘N’ Things). It has a bigger head and a more powerful motor that runs on a AA instead of AAA battery. The teeth are a little more widely spaced to get coarse hairs.

You can see it at