Finished three hours of electrolysis

Hello. I just finished three hours of electrolysis in India(Hyderabad to be specific). I’m not surehow to feel about it. Cause I’m going in blind with no reference point but hairtell. First one hour session was on my neck. She spoke about how most of my hair on the neck is white root hair which is apparently not active and black root hair is active which once zapped doesn’t come back. Second and third sessions were on my chin and upper lip - I used topical anesthesia and I guess I should applied a lot more on my jawline cause the pain there is extremely sharp.
After every session, I did nothing but just wash my face with a tea tree oil soap. she asked me to take Allegra 120 cause apparently my acne scares her. And yesterday was second and third, today I applied sebamed clear gel which has alantonin, aloe, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. The area of electrolysis feels tight.
I have one question though what electrolysis is insulated Ib probe method - thermo lysis, galvanic or blend? I did ask her but she told it’s an old method or something I didn’t follow. Also she asked me if she could shave my neck so that the white root hair could grow into black root hair and I was not really comfortable so I said no to it. I was wondering if I wax it and turn it into black root hair (active hair).
Thank you so much <3
P.S I hate lights and mirrors together - I’m a hairy monster underneath them together

The IBP (Insulated Bulbous Probe) is an electrolysis probe, NOT a method. The IBP has been discontinued because the owner passed away. There are similar options from other manufacturers. Insulated probes are generally used with thermolysis only. Hair follicles can be killed in any stage of hair growth (active and inactive). Waxing is not a good idea for a number of reasons. If it’s easier for her to work after an area has been shaved, go ahead and let her do it. Shaving is harmless and DOES NOT stimulate existing or new hair growth.

So it is thermolysis. Aha! Okay, thank you so much. Atleast I know which mode is being used now for reference in future. I know shaving doesn’t stimulate the growth but my peach fuzzy hair will become a pointy hard hair?, I suppose. I struggle with looking in the mirror as it is so I’m just putting it off for now. Maybe I’ll come around to it once other areas progress.
Thank you

I’m personally against shaving, but sometimes clients have to do what they have to do.
The reason is this, if you shave an area Anagen hairs will grow, but catagen or telogen hairs will not grow out enough to be treated and removed. Since we can kill hair in any stage of growth this reduces our opportunity to get full clearance in an area.
On the other hand if you are not concerned with getting full clearances anyway because there’s so much hair you have to thin, , then in such a case shavign doesnt matter because you arent going to run out of hair to treat during the session, however, you will not be able to get full clearances ever while you continue to shave.
I find many galvanic operators shy away from treating catagen or telogen hairs. because they are dryer and harder to get a good release of the hair…This is unfortunate because use has shown any hair can be killed in any stage of growth regardless of modality, , but of course if you never try to destroy a catagen or telogen hair you will never succeed.

Hello. The thing is the electrologist wants to shave my long peach fuzz hair on my neck cause apparently most of them aren’t active hair. And shaving it makes it active hair. I’m not comfortable shaving my neck cause I’m conscious of the stubble-y feeling that comes with it so I asked her to not to do it.
Yeap I do have quite a lot of hair so I don’t think she’ll run of hair to thin but most of them are thin and dark hair very few are those that are a bit stronger hair which she says is active hair (which once zapped doesn’t come back - her statement). So I’m sort of not completely sold on the whole idea of active root hair idea.

And in my opinion, no you shouldnt be sold on it. I dont believe its desirable to target only anagen hair as doing so extends the period of time over which electrolysis must be performed. And you are perfectly entitled to your desire to NOT shave.
And the client, is always right when it comes to personal limits.

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Thank you. That helps me feel a lot more stronger of my opinions. Is there any remedy for skin tightness on the area treated? I do apply a gel based moisturizer - sebamed clear gel which has aloe among other things. She wants me to apply a hydrocortisone cream which again I’m not comfortable with. Cause steroid on face are red alerts in my head unless extremely necessary. And I’ve watched Michael bonos video which reinforced my idea of let the skin do its job.

Michael gives good advice on those video. He’s also more quaified than I am to discuss skin issues when it comes to the rhealm of dermatology. I’m a great electrologist, but my dermatology expertise is more limited, so I’m going to have to refrain from commenting on the hydrocortizone issue.

Your skin looks fine to me for this time after treatment. It’s the swelling that makes it feel should subside by itself in a couple of days max. I don’t see it’s necessary to mess with the healing process by applying hydrocortisone just to reduce the visible signs of post treatment healing. The scabs on the neck are a tiny bit bigger, but on the neck area this can easily happen and it will heal fine. I think your current aftercare is fine.
With regards to the shaving thing, many colleagues were taught and still believe you can only kill hair in anagen, or active growing stage. As Seana explained, after shaving only anagen hairs show above the skin and this way they can be targeted. It’s an old theory proven wrong, but it will take a long time to re-educate everyone . As long as your electrologist is getting the hair to slide out, she’s killing it and that’s what’s most important . I also think some colleagues find it much easier to work on shaved skin because there isn’t lots of lighter fluff in the way and they can see the stronger hairs very clearly. That allows them to work faster and more efficient . However, if you’re worried about it, you don’t have to do it. I personally don’t like it when clients shave as it slows the process down, but i appreciate the fact that it’s difficult to just let facial hair grow .

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Hii. Yes the electrologist seems to do the electrolysis well - no plucking sensation. I hope the tightness of the skin comes down soon.
Thank you

The skin is an awesome organ of the body. Your swelling will subside. Mother Nature knows what to do.

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