Finished package treatments, will continue

Hi all,

haven’t been to visit for awhile. Which is a good thing, I guess. That means I’m focusing on other things. Although, not all the other things are good, but at least this problem isn’t worrying me as much anymore.

I’m not sure if I posted about my previous (5th and final) facial treatment. I had a new tech this time, but things went pretty much the same.

Well, Friday I will be going back again. I will have continued treatments on most areas I’ve been working on: underarms, chin, upper lip. I think for my abdomen, I will make an appt for an electrologist just to have something to start with so I can eventually work toward the facial eyebrow area since laser can’t be used there.

I’m adding the bikini area this time. Why not, since it’s winter time now. I don’t have enough money for a full or even half leg treatment, so that will have to wait for now. I think the tech said it would be something like $3500 for both full legs (not including bikini) and maybe $2500 for just the lower legs. Ouch! So, we’ll see how the bikini goes and I’ll decide from there.

I started this journey on April 13th of this year so it’s been about 7 months now. My progress has been great and has been sustained so far.

I have had 6 treatments on my underarms and there is just a tiny amount of hair left so I’ll continue with treatments there.

My abdomen still has a trail of darker, slightly thicker hair, but I only had 4 treatments there, so I’m sure it would improve if I got more treatments. The feel of the hair is definitely different. To the touch, you can’t feel any hairs there, where before, it was definitely more prickly. I will start my electrolysis journey here if I can get up the nerve to call and make an appt.

My upper lip is great. Not much dark hair left. Maybe just a few thick ones still hanging around, but mostly gone. Great outcome! I’ll continue with treatment on Friday.

Chin is doing very well. Maybe 85% gone. Just a few stubborn spots left where there are thicker hairs, so I’ll be continuing with treatments for the chin. Currently I am still shaving this area, but it takes me only about 30 seconds and I’m done. I still hate the idea of shaving, but at least the hair is invisible for the day and I can go on about my life.

As always, I can’t wait !

Best wishes to all and I hope you have a happy holiday season!

Take care and hugs!

Hello Ellen,

Your post was very encouraging. What type of laser did you use?

I am getting ready to find a place and start treatments, but I am still not sure which laser is best for me. I have dark hair and light skin. Thanks!

Hi there,
My dermatologist’s office uses the NdYag 1064 Sciton Image for all of their patients.

I am a type 2 - 3 skin depending on tan. I used to read a lot about how this laser is only for darker skin types, but I have had great results, so I would recommend it for skin types as light as mine, too.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.


HI Ellen,
I put up a post about my results after lasering my bikini, face, areolas and underarms. Bikini and underarms look pretty good, however I know I have to probably keep going for the rest of my life cause its not permanent hair removal but reduction, but my face and areolas have become so much worse.The technician that has lasered me says I should keep going, but I’m much too afraid of this hair even becoming worse that what it is now. I resort to waxing/plucking but it grows out within 5 days and its prickly!
I guess electrolysis is the thing to do, but I can’t afford it cause I"m a grad student (no more $$)

What advice would you give in the time being?

Thank you for your time!

Electrolysis on the areolas is simple, and very cost effective. You would only need about 30 minutes or less to clear both, and you would not need more than 6 treatments of diminishing time after that. Your last treatment could be only 5 minutes.

Hi N333.

Ellen has not posted since December of 2004. This happens quite frequently when one starts treatment and is very excited, but then doesn’t take it all the way to the end so we can all take a peek at their progress (or lack of). Knock,knock. Ellen are you out there? How’s the hair removal going? We’d love to hear from you.

I guess it is a good time to say THANK YOU to all the posters that do consistently share their pictures, progress (or lack of) with the rest of us. We sincerely appreciate your time and effort.


The Sciton is an excellent laser. I looked at their new website and they have a high speed scanner so large areas can be treated more quickly. I had two Sciton treatments on my beard before my practitioner changed doctors and it did very well. I have had 4 treatments with the Lyra-i on my beard this year and my beard is about 80-90% gone. I have shed a lot of whiskers this week, with more to come! Now I’ll be able to shave in 3-4 minutes instead of 25-30! I don’t care if it doesn’t get every hair, I just wanted to make it easier to shave my beard.

Another nice feature of the Nd:YAG lasers that is your skin is not as sensitive to the sun after treatment. I can go out in the sun about 2 weeks after my last treatment before summer, which for me is this weekend!

My hair removal for the summer will consist of shaving and electrolysis. But there is now a lot less hair to shave! I had to finish my chest with electrolysis because there were some white hairs and some too fine to treat with laser. for some reason, the nipple hairs are more stubborn. They appear to have very deep roots. Even with electrolysis, some of them had to be hit more than once. Is it possible that more than one follicle feeds a single pore in the skin? I have about 3-4 hairs in the nipple area and they should be gone by tomorrow, when I have my next appointment.

Maybe Ellen is happy with her results and just hasn’t had the time and/or interest to post much anymore. I hang around here because I learn new things all the time and am so happy with my progress I want to share what I have learned with others.


That why we appreciate you RJC. You know a lot about the laser side of things and report often and, I believe, with accuracy on your observations. You’re the only one that does that, I think?

I hope Ellen is happy with her results, and I would be delighted to hear that she is. It’s just very helpful when posters follow-up and finish the story they started even if it’s 6 months, a year or two years later.

Hey everyone,
What is it about electroylysis that causes permanent hair removal and laser that doesn’t? How exactly does electrolysis work? Before I invest in another couple hundred dollars, i need to make sure that electrolysis will permanently remove this hair (that i never had before!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

I’m sure its very time consuming because there are so many little hairs all over–does the technician have to literally target every hair one by one? Also the fact that I’m in school fulltime will really make it difficult for me to go in once a week (is that the average amount of time you need to go in?) Ok maybe I’ll educate myself more on this site. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />