Finished first Electrolysis session!

For everyone who hasnt been to the “its me again” thread here is a little summary of what happened:

I had a consultation done with John Fino, where he did a small part of my neck. He was very nice and told me everything I should and needed to know about electrolysis (complete with pamphlets and stuff! =P) Anyway, I waited three to four days until the redness went down. I used Tend Skin since I saw my brother had it, and around day four my skin was pretty much clear where he had performed electr. I was pleased with the results so i made an appointment for a couple days after and started on my back.

So anyway, I went in and waited. The lady that I talked to was really nice (I think her name was Michelle?) Actually, everyone there is nice! I felt comfortable, and thats weird cuz I had felt nervous the whole way going there since Im a 21 year old male and getting hair removed is totally “unmanly” but whatever, Im sick of all the ingrowns (not just on my neck).

Where was I? Oh yeah, i felt totally comfortable there thanks to John, he cracks me up. Very cool guy! I did an hour session with him and he cleared a nice portion of my top back right under the neck. It kind of hurt, but I have a high threshold of pain. Next time however I will be using that cream to numb the skin only because Im going for a longer session. My skin was red and irritated for a couple days and as of now (Feb 9th, 9:10PM) it has reduced to very little redness thanks to Tend Skin.

Bottom line, im glad I found this board which helped me find a great electrolysist!! (is that how you say it? im dumb LOL) Thanks everyone! I’l tell you how the next session goes.


Hi Vasilios,i just wanna say im happy to hear about ur first session ov electrolysis.I have some question about electrolysis, its about a Uni-brow, i wanan get rid ov it, I pluck every day, is it ok if i go to the electrologist even tho i plucked everything?.. and do u recommand me doing it, and if yes will there be scars or redness marked on my skin between the two brow?

tnx soo much…

Thanks for the report, Vasilios, and keep us posted!

daredevil, electrolysis is the best bet for a unibrow. Just make sure you go to someone with a lot of experience with male brows, since you probably don’t want it to look too defined. Most males keep their brows looking fairly natural.

Unibrow is really easy to clear up, and you’ll be glad you did it. Just be sure to pick a good practitioner!